Attacked, Victimized And Abandoned Clergy, Seek Counsel

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My name is Fidelis and I used to be a Pastor, the former General overseer of a growing ministry over in Ibadan there and that was over 6 years ago. Back then, my church was beginning to get noticed all around the country, you know that point, when it seems like you are the only one God was speaking to. Well, that was the point I was when I began to have deep revelation about my wife.

I got to church on that particular morning, highly disturbed, just then sister Charity, a very fervent member of our church who was gifted in visions and prophecy knocked on my door. She told me there had been murmuring in the church, a lot of people have been having terrible dreams about my wife and telling her about it, many of which she shut them up, until she saw something very similar in her dream that morning. She said she saw my wife continuously hitting the church building with a large hammer till the whole church collapsed. At that point I remembered also seeing a revelation that morning about her pouring hot coals on my Bible, suddenly I started thinking if I had married the enemy of my destiny for over 15 years without her showing her true colors, and now the devil felt it was time to use her to destroy all I have labored to gather, God forbid!

I then did the unbelievable, I went into a 21 days fasting with only one prayer point “Lord, Kill My Enemy if they don’t confess” I was on a prayer mountain for 21 days and I refused to come down, all I drank for those 21 days was water. A strange sickness took over my wife shortly after, I started jubilating that heaven had answered my prayer. Hoping that she would confess and it would end, I did not pay much attention to her apart from paying for the hospital bills, I didn’t visit much, she passed away three months after and I must say I felt really sad though, but then I felt God gave her a chance to confess and she chose not to and paid the price.

Sister Charity and I became good friends after the burial, she introduced her younger sister to me, She was a very spiritual girl and I fell in love with her, before long, I perceived she was the will of God for me so I married her. On our wedding night, something strange happened, she woke me up saying “Fidelis, wake up” she had never called me by my first name, but as I looked at her I saw an elderly woman on the bed instead of my young beautiful wife. “Jesus!” I screamed. And then she said “Hey! Shut up, how dare you, you murderer!” she shouted at me. “Listen, from today on, you are no more the General overseer of that church. If you make the attempt of ever pastoring again. We will kill you”.

That was when i noticed three apparitions in my room, Sister Charity was in the middle and she told me there and then that she had been in my church for 10 years and had been assigned against me because of the my greatness but my wife was always my cover who defended me with prayers and they needed to clear her away and I was the only one who could do it for them by just declaring it with my own mouth and let the devil their master worked on it.

The elderly woman on my bed who was supposed to be my wife said she would be with me forever because we were already in a marital covenant, blood and soul tie covenant, and where ever I went she went, that she would be monitoring my every move, so I should cooperate and hand over the church to a pastor she would introduce to me the next day and i would tell my members that the Lord told me to step down as the General Overseer. I did as instructed, and I watched how my big church crumbled before me as the satanic pastor destroyed the souls of my members, stealing their Glory. My new wife made sure she escorted me to my village in Umuahia, where she left me giving me strict warning never to come to Ibadan again. She left me and for 6 years I have not seen her since. Mr. Richard please be warned this is not a movie it happened to me.

Recently I saw an old member of mine who had left the church 3 years ago, he had come to visit his mother here in Umuahia. We talked at length and after I explained it all to him, he referred me to you, He is a constant listener of your program and saidi might find my answer on your program. I have been so ashamed to reach you but finally I decided to summon up courage to write this story to let everyone know that we should discern all spirits, not all dreams come from God. Some have been projected from the pit of hell to send confusion into one’s Life.

Also in marriage, no matter what you are going through with your spouse, never see your spouse as the enemy, the devil is the enemy, wives be very vigilant spiritually, there are women who want to clear you out of the way so as to de stroy your husband, always be prayerful about your own safety and lastly, husbands pray for your wife, the devil that wants you to lose your wife is actually the devil that wants to remove your spiritual shield, so they can get you.

I am tired of staying in the village without any meaningful thing doing. I want to return to the Ibadan to start all over again but my fear is that the evil woman could harm or destroy my life. What do I do? How do I face this evil woman and her sister? Please help me with your advice. I feel so empty and vulnerable and I know the battle is spiritual and I can’t do it alone and i know you all will say turn to God but then I know God help those who help themself. I am not even hearing anything from him, should I just let go even if I don’t want to.
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