Fiancee’s sex with best man but wants me to marry her, what should I do?

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Hello Sir, please I am very devastated at the moment and don’t know what to do, I really need your advice and the help of your sharing life issues family because I really don’t know I might end up doing to myself or anyone else.

My fiancé and i have been dating for over 5years & got engaged last year and the wedding is supposed to happen this Saturday. I love this babe so much that I did a lot of stuff for her, i treated her like a Queen and respected her and her wishes always. Most times when she comes around to my place, my friends are around after work. I introduced her to one of them who was my best friend years ago but I guess they took the introduction to another level.

Although I was suspecting their closeness at a point in time but i thought i was just paranoid and let go because I trusted both of them not knowing that for years they’ve been doing stuff behind his back and despite the fact that we all hung out a lot, ate together and gisted but nothing prepared me for this. I traveled few days ago and was supposed to come back Thursday but 4days ago, another friend of mine called me to inform me that something was not right with my bride to be and my best man, and he was only telling me because he felt it was the right thing to do. In my head I thought this my friend was just one of those bad Belle people who didn’t want me to settle down. I kept thinking about it until i suddenly decided to leave Abuja for Ibadan but didn’t tell anyone I was coming home 4 days earlier than my talked about return day.

I got home, entered with my key and went straight to the bedroom and when i opened the door, i almost fainted, everything was true, my wife to be was in bed with my best man, i didn’t know what to do i just turned back and closed the door and left the house for them. I went straight to my mom’s house but didn’t know what and how to tell her what I saw. Everything is done and ready, invitation cards sent out, hall booked and the funniest thing is that she’s been calling and texting that it’s was a mistake and she’s sorry but i should not cancel the wedding because people will shame her and insult her, She even got her mom to call me to talk to me but she didn’t tell her mom the reason why I was angry with her, she just told her mom that we had a fight and I was not talking to her. I am confused and don’t know what to do, if to cancel the wedding or tell my mom or my fiancée’s mom what really happened but the truth is, i don’t think I can trust her or my best man again. How do I handle this situation?

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