Helper Becomes An Oppressor, What’s The way Out?

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Hello Mr. Richard, how are you today? I am a big fan of your program and based in Ibadan here but please help my best friend she is the one who needs help. She doesn’t know I’m communicating with anyone about her trauma, so I plan to record the program and send to her to listen. She’s going through depression at her early age and I fear for her. Please give your counsel.

My friend’s parents died when she was 13 years old, that’s about 5 years ago, and the family members rejected her and left her to face life all alone, she later joined her grandmother who was in the village but unfortunately grandma passed on when she was fourteen. She was outside grandma’s hut one cold evening lost in thought when her aunt visited and saw her crying. She consoled her about the loss and promised to help her by taking her to Lagos.

She got to Lagos. Things went on fine, she gave her special attention while her husband took up all her expenses to begin school. In less than three weeks, he registered her into JSS 2 at a nearby private school. Within a short time, she made remarkable success in school till SS1 then issues started coming up. Her aunt’s husband began abusing her sexually. From her bed at night to the bathroom. She wanted to tell her aunt but he always threatened her. She endured the abuse but never allowed a penetration. During a trip to Kano, her aunt was involved a plane crash and died. After months of mourning, he took advantage of his wife’s demise to sexually abuse her more. She moved on with the torment till SS3 when she won a scholarship to study abroad in California, USA. She was so happy especially due to the fact that she will finally leave the house of problems, but then the major problem came.

An aspect of the scholarship form required the consent guardian of the student. At this point, he refused, and gave her one condition that he has to deflower and taste her before she leaves him. My friend has no body, no family to talk to except me. I don’t know what to say her, that’s why I sent this to you. The worst is that she is scared of talking to anyone because he threatened to tear the form if she tells anyone. Please, sharing life issues family, what do I tell her?

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