How To Trust Your Husband And Love Him

_   Wives, learn to trust your husbands. Sometimes your husband may come back late and gave you one reason you cannot find in any book._ _Let love and trust prevail._ _Imagine Jonah coming back after 3 days absence, no phone call, nothing only to tell his wife he was swallowed by a fish and vomited after 3 days – just imagine how that sounded._ _The wife will feel like breaking his head. “Swallowed by fish ke. Are you telling a baby? What an insult, lying to me as if I don’t have any sense? Which fish, mackerel abi shiner”?_ _Abegi! If reported to the pastor even the pastor will call him aside and say brother Jonah why not pray against lying spirits?_
_Neighbors will shout “ahh! madam e don happen o. You don’t understand? The fish is another womannnnn”._

“`But between you and I Jonah was right.“`

*Good day house*


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