I Love Her, I Messed Up But Am Scared

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Good day sir, I really need your help because I am so lost in space about what is going on with my life. I’ve been dating this lady for about a year now and I love her very much with intent to marry her. She is one the sweetest girl God created, even when we have disagreements she’ll still reach out to me even if I’m the one who is wrong, but something happened two weeks ago and I’m still baffled and shaken to my bone that my sweet girlfriend could go to that extent. Although I agree what I did was wrong but I didn’t expect her to go to that extent.

On this fateful day, I was not expecting her at my place, she was supposed to be at work but she came to my place very early in the morning without informing me. I had brought a girl home from the club the previous night and she had slept over, my girl met the girl at my place (in fact on my bed) because she had her spare keys and she went ballistic, I couldn’t control her anymore. She almost injured the girl and I had to shield the girl out of the house, she had to wear her clothes on the stairs. After the girl left, I got back in to plead with her, she just picked her bag and left. I thought she was going home until I started hearing noise downstairs.

I came out to see what was happening and i couldn’t believe my eyes, Mr. Richard was holding one heavy metal and was busy breaking everything breakable on my car, the windscreen, glass, mirrors, headlamps, I mean everything breakable. I was dumbfounded, I rushed downstairs but by the time I got there she had ran out of the gate. I just stood there looking at the whole wreck, I couldn’t believe what just happened.

It’s been two weeks and she has not even deemed it fit to reach out to apologize. But her thoughts are constantly in my heart, I really love her and I’m scared at the same time. If I marry her and she finds me with something like that, will she not kill me? What should I do? Should I forgive her and apologize for what I did? Or should I let her go because of fear of the future?

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