If there is a fire in Apapa today, nobody will escape – Resident

By Godwin Oritse

Stakeholders experience in the Apapa port areas, there are also indications that residents of the area are leaving under permanent fear of fire disaster.

Tokunbo (used) vehicles at the Apapa port…buyers nowhere in sight

A resident in an exclusive area of the Apapa environ, Mrs Ivie Idike, told Vanguard Maritime Report  that part of the city has become a dangerous place to live due to the large numbers of petrol bearing trucks trapped in the traffic.

Idike who lost her sick mother to the traffic gridlock because she could not be transported to the hospital timely, also warned about consequences of government’s inability to control the traffic situation saying that ‘‘if there is a fire outbreak in Apapa today, nobody will escape it.”

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She called on both the Lagos and Federal governments to find a lasting solution to the problem and save the residents of Apapa from the menace of the tanker and truck drivers.

She explained that her mother who suffered a stroke could not get to the hospital because the driver of a truck that blocks their gate could not be found.

“After several hours of trying to locate the driver of the truck, my mother gave up, I lost my mother to that traffic,” she lamented.

Besides, she added, ”more than 70 percent of businesses have moved out of the area, a development that has affected the value of properties in and around the port city.”



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