Should I Leave My Husband For Cheating?

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Dear Mr. Richard, my name is Funke, a Master’s degree holder in Law and upon my return after completion of my studies, I started my own firm and majored in entertainment law and due to scarcity of such services I became most sought after by entertainers.

Business and life was booming in under 3 years of operation, The workload was enormous but I loved every bit of it. Until I met my husband I never really felt the need to be with anyone. We met at a gala night got talking and I realized he was an estate surveyor that was not doing badly for himself. We became inseparable after that encounter, he supported my hustle and I was ecstatic because my friends and family always warned that no man would want a workaholic like myself. We got married ten months after meeting and I was happy.

Sometime ago my sister came to visit because she would soon be traveling for her Master’s. Two weeks into her visit she came to the office to see me, I knew something was amiss because she is inseparable from her gadgets since she is a lifestyle blogger. My dear sister told me in plain words that my husband was a pervert, I asked why and she said that since she came to visit, he had been coming to her room to ask for SEX!!! I went crazy and accused her of defamation of character, we had a little argument and she left the next day but i never confronted him. After a month I hired a nanny since I was expecting my baby and as such needed help around the house. Long story short this girl was a blessing to my home, took and remembered instructions very well. I soon created a work station at home because I wasn’t going to be away from my daughter, and only went out for meetings outside the house.

My story is a long one what I’m trying to make sense of is the fact that I walked in on my husband the father of my daughter holding a knife to the maid telling her that he would hurt her if she refused him one more time for sex and on seeing that I had entered the room, the maid just said Oga Madam dey your back. I was dumbfounded, I just left the house that night with my daughter and maid who later confessed to me that he had been begging and had been violent with her for a while now for sex but that this was the first time he had come with a weapon.

He’s been calling me and blaming it on the devil. First my sister now my maid? In less than 2yrs of marriage? Help me make sense of things please! What do I do?

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