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Canada is undoubtedly recognized as one of the multicultural countries around the world., allowing new migrants from across the globe to be able to settle in Canada. More than 25% of Canada’s population are foreigners. Most of them are from India, United States, Sri Lanka, Iran, China, United Kingdom, and Pakistan.

In the past 10 to 15 years ago, a large part of Africans and South Americans were newcomers to Canada. The total population of Canadian immigrants is from 200 several ethnic groups and they encourage newcomers to make Canada their permanent residence.

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By 2022, the Canadian government has a plan to invite more than one million people to the country as immigrants. In 2020, the government welcomed about 361,000 people and they have also increased them to 400,000 in 2021.

Below is the list of cities to settle down in Canada

1. Waterloo, Ontario

One of the best choices for the most diverse city to settle down in Canada has to be Waterloo. Why do you think it is like that? This quiet place can be seen as a rural area no more. It is where the University of Waterloo with all the STEM programs – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These programs are available for international students that are willing to study in Canada, this is why it is a regional tech hub. Houses are very affordable and there are also a variety of important foreign groups from countries like China, Latin America, Japan, the Philippines, and South Asia.

This is somewhat because of the various job opportunities in every sector. Sectors like sales, law, business, education, finance. You can also look forward to earning a minimum salary of $2,756 in Waterloo depending on your experience and job.

2. Burlington, Alberta

It is very possible you haven’t heard of Burlington but it is very special in the book of history. This city is very quiet and it is just about 50 minutes drive to Niagara Falls. It is also recognized as the Brilliant Horseshoe that comes from Ontario Lake’s horseshoe shape. About 56% of this city’s population comes from Europe and about 11.8% are from South Asia. The major dialects spoken in this city apart from English are Arabic, Filipino, Spanish, and Punjabi. Although, Burlington is less known to people like its neighbors it offers several chances for talented unfamiliar workers who can anticipate earning about $4,783.33.

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3. Vancouver, British Columbia

If we say Vancouver city has everything, it is not an exaggeration. It has top-notch medical care centers with very serious clinical plans, lovely seashores, a quiet environment with nice excursion places to visit. Practically, 50% of the populations of over 2.4 million individuals in this city start from Europe, and also about 23% are from Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and several countries that see Vancouver as a residence. The reason this city is among the best cities to settle in Canada is its high cost. The normal salary in this city is about $4,404 after charge derivations and even though its cost of living is high, it is still one of the most famous spots for newbies in Canada.

4. Toronto, Ontario

This city is not the only famous destinations among people who are willing to move to Canada and get comfortable. But it is arguably the most spirited and lively urban area in Canada. The city has over 2.9 million people living in this beautiful city, with around 51% of the population being migrants. Toronto, being a multicultural city has its own ethnic groups like Little India, Koreatown, Italy, Greektown, Little Portugal, Chinatown, and Roncesvalles, just to celebrate the country’s diversity. There are varieties of job openings in almost every line of work. However, you have to battle with some competitors because this city is a very popular place and its cost of living is higher than the other cities in Canada. The normal salary is $3960 and it is enough to make up for the challenges that come with settling there.

5. Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga is located around Toronto West. It has about 800,000 people living there, which makes it a moderately huge city. Most of the occupants are people from Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Korea, India, Portugal, and China. Other than English and French, people in the city speak more than 20 dialects. Moreover, it is possible to acquire up to $3988 yearly while working in the city of Mississauga.

You could acquire about $3,988 after charges yearly when working in Mississauga. Even though there are a lot of occupations in Mississauga, it is only a short 24-minute drive from Toronto and is additionally a substantially more reasonable spot to live.

6. Markham, Ontario

Markham is a city located in Ontario and the total amount of individuals living there is around 327,400. Many of the inhabitants in Markham are foreigners and most of them come from Asian countries and China. If you are lucky to get a job in Markham, you should be expecting about $4511 after charges. And if not, there are many other places you can get a job in several developed communities. If you get a job in Toronto, it is just a 26 minutes drive to Markham. The cost of living in this beautiful city is very much considerable, compared to other urban areas in Ontario.

7. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is listed among the top ten cities in Canada because more than 1.3 million people are living there and about 30% of them being workers. The inhabitants of this city are mostly from China, India, and the Philippines. There are many languages spoken in Calgary and the best five ones are English, Punjabi, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Spanish. The city of Calgary has various job opportunities for people in the industry of travel, sciences, and entertainment. This city is the right place to start and raise a family. You will also acquire about $4297 after charges.

8. Ottawa, Ontario

If you have decided to live in Ottawa, you have made a very good decision. This city has a lot of things to offer to the new inhabitants, as it is the capital of Canada. It has public parks, very good clinics, government-funded schools, and so on. The total number of languages spoken in Ottawa is about twenty-seven in number. The normal salary to take home is about $3846. Ottawa is easier and less expensive to settle, compared to Vancouver or Toronto.

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9. Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is one of the best cities in the territory of Metro Vancouver and it is also the twelfth biggest city in the country of Canada. This city has a total number of 517,885 individuals. Surrey has different job positions in the clinical, agrarian, and entertainment fields. You can procure a normal payment of about $3104 after charges. And if you get a job in Vancouver, the drive from Surrey to Vancouver is just about 35 minutes.

10. Longueuil, Quebec

The city of Longueuil is located opposite Montreal at St. Lawrence Stream. It is the 20th biggest city in Canada. Although, about 240,000 people are living in the city just 17% of the population are workers. Within 6 years, the population of the city has drastically increased. Longueuil is rich in variety with a much lesser cost for basic things, although there are various urban areas in Quebec. You can acquire about $3000 after charges while living in Longueuil and if you decide to get a job in Montreal, the drive from Montreal to Longueuil is just 15 minutes drive.