11 great student jobs you probably haven’t considered

Top high-paid jobs to have in college

With these best part time jobs for college students, pick the one that will bring you both money and pleasure:

  • Pet sitter

If you love animals, you will find this job very enjoyable. Besides, it is also highly paid as you can get $13 per hour. You can take care of pets during the weekend or after classes and have some extra cash every now and then;

  • Blogger

If you like writing, don`t let your smartphone off your hands, and know the ways on how to get the most value of social networks, you can become a blogger. You may either create a website on WordPress and fill it in with the content, or post this content in your Instagram or Facebook accounts attracting more people and making money on ads;

  • Tutor

This is one of the typical side jobs for students. If you study well, you can share your knowledge with other people for $18 per hour. Thus you both repeat the learned material and also make money, so this is a great option;

  • Library assistant

We bet you didn`t know this job really exists, but it does. You can work on campus with easy access to study materials and $13 per hour;

  • Transcriber

Many people need some help when they record important thoughts on the go and require them to be transformed into text. That is what a subscriber does and gets for this job around $16 per hour;

  • Casino dealer

What an interesting choice, but why not? For this job, you can get $8 per hour, but with 10% tip it becomes more interesting;

  • Freelance writer

Good at writing? Good for you. This job is a perfect match for those students who dream to have a flexible time-table. You can write whenever you have some free time;

  • Waiter

One of the easiest (with no extra skills required) jobs that also gives you an option to earn much money with tips;

  • Babysitter

If you love kids, you can become a nanny and earn $15 per hour sitting with someone`s kids every now and then. Many families are in search of a reliable person, so get references and go for it;

  • Uber driver

If you have your own car (even used one), you can earn money by giving a ride to those who need it. Working in Uber, you can count on $15 per hour;

  • Fitness instructor

If you are proud of your body and love sports, help people become better versions of themselves for $20 per hour. You can also consider Zumba, yoga, and dancing classes as well.