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11 Spots You Should not Put Your Phone And Be Rest Assured About It - Inemac
Almost everyone uses a phone and it can be called a human companion which is of great value and interest to all and sundry and they have the best way to carry cell phone. But on second thought, there are spots where phones should not be kept or else it would end up becoming destroyed consciously or unconsciously.

1. Do Not Put Your Phone In An Environment Close To Water

There are places where there is much tendency for water to come close to your phone. It is advisable to avoid such areas. These likely areas are swimming pools, toilets, bathrooms, wash hand basins, banks of the rivers, seas, streams, areas close to where rain can have an encounter with it. When the phone is in an environment close to the water and not handled well enough, it can come in contact with water and it would not be okay with the phone unless it is quickly removed and allowed to get dried.

2. Avoid Leaving Your Phone In A Cold Environment

The phone can be well preserved or kept at room temperature. This act destroys or reduces the performance of the phone battery. It can as well destroy the phone as well.  If it is left in a cold area or environment, it will become chilled. When it eventually returns to room temperature, the chilled nature of the phone will eventually turn liquid which is not good for the phone at all, leaving the phone in a detrimental state. Do not put your phone in a chilled or cold place.

3. Do Not Place Your Phone Under Your Pillow

It is observed that most times people love to put their phones under the pillow for one reason or the order. This is done in order for them to have easy access to their phone anytime they are in need of it. Keeping it under the pillow is not good at all because of the radioactive and negative effect it has on the human body system. The resultant factor of this as dizziness and headache.  Being under the pillow for a long time, most especially throughout the night, exposes the phone to accumulate for the level of heat which may result to a form of explosion or fire. All these take away good sleep during the night.

4. Do Not Put Your Phone Around Your Hips

It is advisable to resist putting your phone around your hips, either at the back pocket, the front pocket or areas around your thigh. There are tendencies that the hips would definitely be affected and would grow weak as time goes on. Once the hips are weak, the legs will definitely do the same.

5. Avoid Touching Your Skin

The skin is very sensitive to the human body system and it’s a no go area for the phone to be placed on the skin so closely. The question in one’s mind is that what of if there’s a call, what is the next thing to do?  The solution to this is that It is more preferable to put your phone a few centimeters of about 0.5cm to 1.5cm from your skin to receive or make your calls in order to reduce the negative effects it would have on your skin.

6. Do Not Overcharge Your Phone

Phones have a life span and can last for a period of time. It is better to charge your phone from the range of 10% to 30% and stop charging your phone when it gets to 99%. Doing so will increase the lifespan of the phone and the battery. When you overcharge your phone, either during the day or throughout the night, this will reduce the lifespan of the phone and the battery.

7. Avoid Using The Back Pocket

The back pocket an easy place where the phone can be placed and stylishly be comfortable about it but there is a clause there because for instance, when in a crowded area, it could be easy access for anyone behind you to pick your phone and the owner of the phone would not be aware of it. Because of the movement of the legs and bumps, some buttons or very sensitive screens would be touched and it could hamper or disorganize the settings of the phone. Calls could be put through unconsciously to anyone without the awareness of one possess the phone. One could as well rest his or her back on the wall or sit down on the chair which will eventually break the screen of the phone, making it not useable again. If one is in a crowded area or not, there is every tendency that one can easily forget that the phone is behind or in the back pocket and could risk the phone being tampered with on the wrong note.

8. Do Not Leave Your Phone In A Hot Environment

It is ideal for a phone to be in room temperature. If you put your phone in a hot place or environment above room temperature, it will result in battery leakage. It will reduce the performance of your phone. It corrupts the phone and data or information might get lost along the line. The battery will definitely get discharged in a quick form.

9. Avoid Putting You Phone In The Bra

The bra houses the sensitive part of the female organ which is the breast. Because of the safety of the phone, some women keep their phone in the bra. This is not really good at all for the female folks because the phone exposes the breast to breast cancer. For this reason, this action should be avoided at all costs.

10. Do Not Put Your Phone In The Breast Pocket

The Breast Pocket is mostly situated at the top left-hand side of the chest region. It is observed that the heart of any human being is at the top left-hand side of the chest in the body. Putting the phone at that place will definitely expose the heart of the body to the electromagnetic radiation that comes out of the phone. This is not good for the human heart at all. Because of this, placing the phone at the top left-hand side of the chest region of the body which is also called the Breast pocket should be avoided at all costs.

11. Avoid Making Using The Front Pocket

The front pocket is another alternative for use if one does not want to hold it. The alternative is not really good at all most especially for the male folks. If you put your phone in the front pocket, there is every tendency that there would be some kind of radiation called electromagnetic wave that would cause harm to the productivity o the sperms which is not good at all.
Phones are mostly used by all and precautions should be made to avoid damages to the phone for it to last long in terms of usage and for us to enjoy it’s use and benefits as well. The best way to carry cell phone for a long time is to make sure you put your phone at the right and not the wrong spot. From the illustrations above, it has given us the right spots you should not put your phone and be rest assured about it.