No need big capital, this is a profitable business in 2022/2023

No need big capital, this is a profitable business in 2022/2023

Here is a list of profitable businesses in 2022, which you can try;

Everyone wants their business to grow. But in fact, many have been affected by the pandemic which is still hitting.

So it’s no wonder many are thinking about what business to run during this pandemic.

Many people spend their time surfing the internet or consulting with other business people to find the best business references during the Covid-19 period.

Unfortunately, once you get a business idea, most people have problems with funding. Because in fact many new businesses can be run if the entrepreneur has sufficient capital.

The problem doesn’t stop there. The number of competitors also requires creative ideas to run a business in order to win in the competition. Especially if the business being run has the same type and characteristics as those of the competitors.

Here is a list of profitable businesses in 2022, which you can try;

Selling Online (Online Shop)

Selling online is still in the first place with the most potential during the pandemic. Because most people don’t want to bother leaving the house, especially to get the things they’ve been after.

Because by leaving the house, the potential for physical contact with many people will occur more often. Which means the possibility of exposure to the Corona virus is also very likely.

Online business ideas that are suitable for 2022 include selling cosmetics, fashion including clothes, bags, shoes , and other clothing knick-knacks.

E-Wallet-based Electronic Payment Agent

Electronic payment applications are booming these days. By utilizing the e-wallet application, people can make transactions without having to leave the house. Just connect a digital wallet account such as Skrill, Quickteller, Transferwise, Neteller, Ecopayz, and the like, you can already pay for necessities such as WiFi, credit, games , and others.

Obviously this is a potential business during a pandemic. Besides being easy, of course, it doesn’t require too much capital. Please try!

Rental Services (Rental)

The demand to work at home or Work From Home (WFH), makes many people inevitably have to be able to carry out any activity through their hardware. However, not everyone has a capable device , such as a laptop, computer, or other equipment that is not commonly owned by everyone.

Rental service business ideas that you can try because they don’t cost a lot include computer equipment rental, PlayStation game rental, mountain climbing purposes, bicycle rental services, motorbikes, cars, and so on.

Home Laundry Service

This business idea is commonly found in various places. Starting from urban areas to rural areas. Yes, the laundry business is mushrooming in our society.

Besides being easy to run, it also doesn’t need big capital to run it. You just need a minimum of one washing machine, a roomy place to dry your laundry, and perfume equipment as a deodorizer.

However, it still takes patience to run any business, including this laundry business. There is no short time to reach the level of success. If you are patient, then you will also have a strong branding .

Remember, brand awareness is an important factor for business success. And you can only have it if you consistently manage your business .

Home Tailor

Yes, although this business requires certain people, at least those who have experience in the profession as a tailor. Because it could be that the product you make malfunctions if you don’t master the skill.

However, a home-based tailoring business is also included in the list of business recommendations during this pandemic . Interested in trying?

Graphic Design Services

The VON Reporting Team summarizes it into the Graphic Design category, although it contains other sub-categories that are included in the Graphic Design category.

During the pandemic most people have to totally brand their business using social media platforms. But it needs to be realized, not everyone can do business branding to meet the design aspects according to market tastes. So, this can be a good opportunity for professionals in the design field to open graphic design services with a target market of MSMEs, or other home industries.

Actually there are many more profitable business ideas in 2022 . But we will continue in the next article, so that you can focus first on the best types of businesses in 2022 on the list above first.

The key is, intend, execute, be consistent, and believe that you can develop in ways and strategies that you are good at.

Send regards for success!