Free Google Courses to Earn 250,000 Naira Monthly

Small Business Ideas- 250,000 Naira Monthly Minimum Income by doing free course from Google

If you are searching zero investment small scale business, searching work from home, don’t want to get job but want to start your own startup then this is great opportunity for you.

A lot of people around the world are doing and earning 10,000,000 naira per month. In Nigeria, if it is started on a small scale, then 250,000 Naira monthly minimum income can be made.

You have to go to Google Analytics Academy and pass Google Analytics for Beginners course. It’s completely free.

There is no fee of any kind. No study material is required to be purchased for this course.

You can do this on your laptop. By the end of the course, your confidence level will be high and you will have become a Google Analytics manager.

After completing the course, you have to create a Google Analytics manager account and start working.

After doing the course, you will not need to explain anything, but for the sake of basic knowledge, it is necessary to tell that through this you help the website operators.

There are bilions of websites around the world and the most important thing is that hundreds of websites are operating in your own city.

Everyone wants to know how their website is performing. The purpose for which they have made the website is being fulfilled.

How many new opportunities are coming in front of them? What can they do and from what they can make more profit. Google Analytics manager gives all this information to the website operators.

Every website operator has to appoint a Google Analytics manager. Google Analytics manager team works in the office of big website but small business can’t keep full time Google Analytics manager so they prefer to outsource this service.

You can start work with a minimum. Gradually the experience will increase and you will be able to attend bigger clients.

As we mentioned in the beginning, this business opportunity is not only available in Nigeria but all over the world. You can work for any website in the world from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is understand the target of your client and send it regularly (Monthly or Weekly) by making its accounting reports.

If you took only 25000 a month from one client, that is the lowest and you have only 10 clients in the beginning. Even then you can easily earn  250,000 a month and remember this is just the beginning. A category Google Analytics manager is earning at least 10,000,000 per month.


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