14 Ways to Make Money ₦500000 on Google in Nigeria 2013

Get Money from Google, Must Try for Beginners.

In this article my interest is to guide you how to earn money on Google in Nigeria. Here I,m going to share almost all ways you can earn money on Google, whether you’re at home or a student in Nigeria. So, do read entire article till the end.

Apart from being a popular search engine, Google is also known for its various other services and products in Nigeria. Some of the most notable products are: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Ads, Google Meet, YouTube, Android, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Assistant, Google Admob and many more.

What is Google?

In today’s digital era, who doesn’t know Google, starting from a search engine site to developing into a digital giant that rules the world. It is undeniable that Google has made many contributions to make our lives easier to this day.

But of course it doesn’t only provide benefits in using every application that is developed, but it can also help you to make money. There are many ways to make money from the internet by using Google in Nigeria without having to have large capital.

You only need to know the ins and outs of each application and how it works and then consistently work on it, so it’s not impossible to get money from these simple features provided by Google for free.

To find out more about how to get money from Google specifically for beginners, check in more detail for each potential that the various products from Google have below.

1 Google Adsense

Discussing how to make money from Google in Nigeria 2023, most people will mention Google Adsense as the easiest way. This service from Google is an advertising network that functions to monetize Google products or websites from other platforms. Google Adsense will display ads on website pages and of course Google will pay for this view.

Google Adsense is often associated with bloggers and affiliate marketing products, so to be able to get money from Google Adsense, make sure you have a personal website from Blogspot, WordPress, or anything that can be used as a medium for displaying ads. Even so, you can still practice how to get money from Google Adsense without having to have a personal blog.

You don’t need to create your own content but you can also take advantage of this feature by means of affiliate marketing. The trick is to find a partner for a company to promote, so you get content to broadcast.

2. YouTube

Since being purchased by Google in 2006, YouTube has become one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world. Even content creators on Youtube have the term “Youtuber” and it is a place to prove that it is very possible for this platform to be the most lucrative way to get money from Google. All you have to do is upload creative videos on the channel that has been created and consistently get viewers and subscribers.

If you meet the requirements, then your channel will be allowed to monetize ads and this is quite a promising way in the digital age. Make sure you have a niche that is popular and consistently gets attention from the audience. Each monetized video will have an ad attached and the payment calculation depends on the number of views.

3. Bloggers

For those of you who like writing and literacy, it seems that being a blogger can be a way to get money from Google. In connection with point 1 and point 2, Blogger is an online writer who fills out a website that has been provided by Google, namely the Blogger site. Bloggers will earn money through ad serving from each page created. So the more content you write, the more potential ads that will stick.

Pay attention to people’s reading interests to get optimal attention and Google will assume that your written content is of high quality and useful for many people. With writing tasks that are quite simple, of course you can fill in content anywhere and anytime. This is a fairly easy way to get money from Google.

You could say being a blogger is a profession that has survived to this day. In fact, changes to every regulation provided by Google as a condition for monetization continue to grow because the world of literacy continues to grow today. So there is no need to think that being a blogger is an outdated profession, because most of the articles and websites that appear in Google search results come from articles and keywords embedded in an article.

To explore how to get money on Google in Nigeria through this blogger, you also have to study SEO and digital marketing so you can get attention and validation from Google as a provider of quality writing.

4 Google My Business

For business owners, the Google My Business feature can be very useful. With this feature, every business that you manage will get more attention from Google users who are looking for interests and products through Google Search or Google Maps. By using Google My Business, your business location will be exposed and you will get more benefits from promotions through this feature.

A place of business that has been verified and registered with Google will make customers get more complete and reliable information so that it will allow you to expand your own business. Google My Business is the answer to how an online shop or small business can be recognized and get attention from the Google user market. The way to get money from Google through this platform is in the form of conversions and engagement with your potential business customers

5. Google Playstore

Android users are very familiar with Google Playstore, which is a place to download applications that will be installed on Android devices. But how do you make money from this Google Playstore? Of course by creating a smartphone application that will be downloaded by many people.

From the installed application, Google will embed advertisements that will be displayed on the user’s screen. Apart from that, you can also sell applications in a paid method. If the ad on the website is called Adsense, then the ad on the Android application is called AdMob.

When you have an idea in making an application, then becoming an application development partner to make it happen will definitely be easier. And of course in this way you can get money easily from the apk.

6. Google Play Books

Google Play Book is a feature that is also available in the Google Play Store, but is specifically for getting book content and digital literacy. You can get various types of books through this feature. The way to get money from Google which is quite easy from here is to make digital books that will later be sold through this platform.

Especially now that it is very difficult to publish printed books in collaboration with publishers. By selling books through Google Play Books, promotion and production will become cheaper.

7. Google Play Music and TV

A breath of fresh air for multimedia industry players with the Google Play Music and TV platform. You can offer to collaborate with Google to produce movies or series that can become content on this platform. With the development of subscription entertainment products such as Netflix and others, of course this is also a promising new platform for audio-visual creative industry players to make money from Google in Nigeria.

For some people, this method of getting money from Google Play Music and TV is quite complicated, but for audiovisual content providers, it has great potential to be developed as a way to produce content that is more professional and profitable. With the increasing competition from other OTT producers, it is not impossible that this line of business will also receive attention from Google, just like Youtube premium which has provided options for paid content.

8. Google Classroom

Having a talent for teaching and working in the field of education seems very appropriate to use Google as a means of support. Your teaching talent can be channeled through Google Classroom and is a promising way to make money from Google.

Google Classroom is a platform devoted to creating online classes with all the complete features to facilitate the teaching and learning process. You can open online classes with certain themes that you are good at and run everything through Google Classroom.

You can get a fun and organized class experience. Starting from creating assignments, registering participants, and more, you can do this through Google Classroom. Anyone can open paid private classes or tutoring easily. Everyone who has an interest in education can use Google Classroom as a way to earn money from Google by pairing it with other platforms such as Google Podcasts or Youtube Premium

9. Google Cloud

Not many people know about the potential ways to get money from Google with this one platform. Google Cloud is one of the premium hosting services launched by Google to accommodate the growing development of the digital world and cloud computing. For those of you who have a digital business and are related to website development or startup owners, of course you can use Google Cloud as a means of support.

If you don’t have a startup to use Google Cloud, then the way to get money from Google Cloud that you can do is study the working system and offer management services to startups or novice businesses. With the support of current knowledge and technological developments, of course this feature will become a potential business in the future as a trusted cloud computing platform made by Google.

It seems that in this way, Google is very ready to dominate the development of the digital world from every feature that is developed, and those of you who are looking for ways to get money from Google greatly benefit from this.

10. Google Drive

Maybe you won’t think that Google Drive can make money by getting money from Google which is very practical and easy. Google account owners will automatically get the Google Drive feature as a supporting tool for storing your important files. Each account owner will be given a quota of up to 15GB for personal storage media and can be expanded with monthly payments.

Then how do you get money from Google Drive? Relax, the data in your Google Drive can be shared with other people, but of course you can monetize it so you can get paid from everyone who downloads the file.

The trick is to montessate file download links stored on Google Drive via additional websites such as Adfly, Bitly, or CutUrl. Every link that is registered will turn into a special link and for a certain number of downloaders, you will get paid 5$.

11. Android OS

Google seems to have made the right decision when buying the Android operating system to be developed. Everyone can benefit by knowing how to earn money from Google in Nigeria 2023 and through the Android operating system. Currently, everyone can see using Android-based smartphone products that provide convenience in daily activities.

Every day there are thousands of applications that are made and ready to be downloaded via Playstore. This potential will make you think about becoming an application developer and selling it on the Google Playstore. Not only do they benefit from AdMob, but many companies are currently competing to have their own applications to support their business because most of their customers are also Android users. How to get money from Google through Android application developers is quite promising for the next few years.

12. Google Podcasts

Is being a podcaster one way to get money from Google? After developing from audiovisual content on Youtube and literacy through Blogger, Google is expanding the creative world through podcasts. Yes, Google Podcasts was launched to support the needs and development of podcasts that have the potential to be lucrative in the future.

Not just following along with other platforms, Google already has a fairly strong user database so that in a short time Google Podcast was greeted with great enthusiasm because it supports all Android-based devices with Google’s support, of course.

Then how to get money from Google Podcasts like what can you do at this time? There are several tantalizing potentials offered by Google Podcasts for those of you who are confident in recording your own voice. Sources of income from Podcasts can be obtained through Adlips, which are advertisements made directly and read by podcasters.

You can also earn money from donations from loyal listeners who want to continue listening to your voice and quality content from the channel that you have built. If you are a good storyteller and also understand how to talk to sources or what you are talking about, then this Google Podcast is perfect for those of you who are looking for ways to make money from Google

13. Google Translate

Impressed simple, Google Translate really helps everyone to translate articles or words from foreign languages ​​that are not understood. But this is a feature that can be used as a way to get money from Google.

Becoming a translator and making adaptations of articles from foreign languages ​​is a business potential that you can pursue with this platform. From here, you can use adapted articles to fill in blog content, become YouTube content, or even sell it to other parties who need quality content.

You can also become an article writer by utilizing this Google Translate feature as one of your main weapons. It’s also not impossible that you can work with foreigners with the help of Google Translate so that you are not constrained by different languages. Even though it’s a simple feature, you should try this way to get money from Google Translate right now.

14.Google Maps

Times have changed. In the past, there was a term that was embarrassing to ask astray on the road , now it’s embarrassing to ask Google Maps to walk . Google Maps is very capable and reliable as a fairly precise direction. Road navigation to route planning to destination points can be predicted by Google Maps.

But, as the last point on this list, you need to know how this map application can be used as a way to get money from Google. You can use Google Maps to record locations, search for points of interest, and contribute to developing your own geo-location. So later you can be active in visiting certain places and registering these locations on Google Maps.

You can fill in detailed location information and add photos of the locations visited, starting from the food to the facts that are in the places visited. This is an easy way to get money from Google. For every contribution made, Google will give you points. Even though it’s not in the form of cash, the benefits of being a Google Maps contributor can add to your insight as well and collect points that can be exchanged for hotel vouchers, bus ticket discounts, and other benefits prepared by Google.

That’s 14 ways to make money on Google in Nigeria 2023. With all the features that Google continues to develop, you can apply a way to get money from the internet directly into a bank account without capital. If you are technology literate and happy in the new digital world, the methods above are very interesting to follow. Moreover, the method used is quite simple and you only need an internet connection, a digital device, and of course a Google account to try all of the ways to get money from Google above.

Learn about how Google works to gather users and everyone’s interest in using Google. In a systematic way, Google works with the collected data and its association with the given keywords. So focus on finding the right keywords and choose the way to get money from Google above that is the easiest for you to do.