Women diagnosed with endometrial / uterine cancer after using hair-straightening chemicals may be entitled to compensation.

Case Review

We begin by reviewing your online survey. First, we will look at the details of your potential claim and evaluate the actions needed.


Contingency Agreement

If eligible, we will send you a contingency fee agreement to officially establish a relationship between you and one of our legal partners.

Fees are payable only if a claim is successful or results in a favorable settlement in which you get compensation.


Get Started

After signing the contingency agreement, a legal advocate will start working on your claim. You will likely be requested to provide documentation to support the claim. You will not have to spend any funds out-of-pocket, even if the process takes a long time.




Follow Up

Our support team members will follow up with you with more detailed questions about your potential claim and explain to you what you can expect throughout the process.

Settlement and Compensation

In the case of a successful settlement, you will get compensation and the contingency fee is deducted. Keep in mind that compensation amounts can vary between between different types of claims.


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Families affected may have valuable legal rights and may be able to seek compensation from the product manufacturers.

HairStraightenersAndCancer.com is not a law firm nor a legal referral service and is not qualified to give any legal advice.

We advocate for those individuals who have been harmed or injured by assisting them with understanding the cause of their situation, identifying who may be responsible, and helping them take steps to pursue justice against the wrongdoers.

Endometrial, Uterine or Ovarian Cancer After Using Chemical Hair Straighteners/Relaxers?

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