5 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing

Everything has two sides, and so do the experiments you do on your hair.

If you are unaware of the terrible side effects of hair smoothing, this article is a must-read. Almost everybody fantasizes about having perfect, beautiful hair! Smoothing will perform miracles if you are a hair-obsessed woman who has little time for hair maintenance. You can have this procedure done before any major occasion, and you will be ready to flip your magnificent tresses. But hold on! It will, without a doubt, make you appear stylish, but you should be aware that it has numerous consequences. If you have had a hair relaxing or smoothing treatment before, now is the time to think before doing it again. If you are a beginner, take a breather and accept these adverse effects of hair styling. At the end of this post, you will be grateful to us! So, please allow us to walk you through the full procedure.

Hair smoothing treatments, also known as keratin smoothing or Brazilian blowouts, work by breaking particular bonds in your hair and again bonding them back together in a sleek and stylish form.

The first stage in the salon treatment procedure is to wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo. Your hair is then treated with a chemical hair straightening solution that reduces the cellular bonding in the hair cuticle. After that, your hair is blow-dried and flat straightened at a high temperature. This forms a waterproof coating, allowing the hair strands to keep their new structure for 3 to 6 months.

1. Chronic Hair Fall

Chronic hair fall is a side effect of hair smoothening

Hair fall may or may not affect your beauty, but one needs to think beyond the aesthetic aspect of it. After all, it could be a sign of deteriorating health.

Hair fall is the most common side effect of hair smoothing. The excessive use of harmful chemicals and heat makes the hair follicles weak and detach at the roots, causing hair fall (1). As months pass by, the hair strands also lose their natural strength and start breaking.

According to Dr.K.Harish Kumar, MD, DVL, hair loss is the most common side effect of hair smoothing. The excessive use of harmful chemicals and heat damage makes the hair follicles weak and detach at the hair roots, causing hair fall. As months pass by, the hair strands also lose their natural strength and start breaking.

2. Dizziness, Teary Eyes, And Skin Rashes

The harsh chemicals used in hair smoothing treatments can cause nausea and dizziness. You might also feel a burning sensation near your eyes and itching in your larynxi  . Your scalp and hair are also affected by this treatment.

The skin is the most sensitive organ of your body, and it is prone to damage. Since the chemicals are not supposed to touch anything but your hair, accidental skin contact can cause blisters or rashes on your scalp, face, and neck. Hair smoothing treatments also use a compound called formaldehyde, which makes the epidermisi  layer of your skin coarse, itchy, and red

So, you see, beauty comes with a lot of baggage!

3. Damage To The Natural Hair Texture

When we were little, we loved our hair, irrespective of its texture. But as we grew up, curiosity seeped in and made us undergo harmful procedures to make our hair took ‘parlor-ready.’

In the smoothening treatment, the amino acids and disulfide bondsi  in your hair strands are broken and rebonded, temporarily giving them a new structure. Thus, the natural texture of your locks is lost.

4. Extreme Dryness

Keratin smoothing sure does make it easy for you to handle your wild curls for the first few months. But it may cause extreme hair dryness after a few washes. The toxins that alter the structure of your hair strands also damage them from root to tip. Use of harsh chemicals increases hair porosity and makes it difficult for the hair to retain moisture. Another reason for dryness is the seeping of chemicals into the scalp, causing scalp irritation and flakiness. The sediments of the toxins that remain on the hair strands also add to hair brittleness. Therefore, it is essential to oil your hair frequently to avoid dryness and hair tangling.

5. Split Ends

The moment you discover one split end, you know a whole army of split ends is close on its heels! And getting rid of them (without cutting your hair) can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Exposing your hair to high temperature heat during a hair smoothening treatment can cause split ends. These chemical treatments suck out the natural moisture from your hair strands, which, in turn, causes split ends. Not only do split ends damage your hair strands, they also weaken your hair follicles.

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