4 Reasons It’s Time to Quit Twitter

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Twitter used to be where anyone could share their thoughts, opinions, and jokes. But lately, it seems like Twitter is becoming more and more restrictive, elitist, and unfair; especially to those unwilling or unable to pay for a Twitter Blue.

Here are four reasons you might want to consider leaving Twitter for good.

1. Limitations on Features for Non-Twitter Blue Subscribers

Twitter launched its subscription service, Twitter Blue, in June 2021. Subscribers to the service get access to perks and features, such as Edit Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Custom App Icons, and NFT Profile Pictures.

While these features might sound appealing, they also create a divide between paying and non-paying users. Non-paying users miss out on the functionality and customization that Twitter Blue subscribers enjoy.

But what was just a few extra features has extended to basic functionality. Twitter announced plans to limit certain features, such as voting on polls, to paying users only. Not a big deal if you’re fine paying for access to basic features. However, if you’re not, maybe it’s time to quit Twitter.

2. Removal of Legacy Verified Checkmarks

If you have a blue check mark next to your name on Twitter, you might lose it soon (except if you pay for it). Twitter announced it will remove all legacy verified badges from accounts starting from April 1, 2023.

Verification on Twitter used to be for active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain criteria. Now, not only is the blue tick up for sale, but subscribing to Twitter Blue is the only way to have the blue check on Twitter.

The blue check used to represent authority, relevance, and authenticity. Putting it up for a price devalues the verification badge and makes it harder for users to distinguish between authentic and fake accounts.

3. Pay-to-Play “For You” Feed

Another change that Twitter has made is to tweak its algorithm for the For You feed, which shows personalized recommendations of tweets and topics based on your interests and activity. This feature helps you discover new content and accounts that match your interests.

According to Elon Musk, only paid subscribers will get recommended in the For You feed of non-followers starting April 15. This creates a pay-to-play scenario where Twitter Blue subscribers have an unfair advantage over non-paying users in visibility and reach. It also means you will see less diverse and organic content in your For You feed, and more sponsored and curated content from paying users.

4. SMS 2FA Up for Sale

Perhaps the most alarming change Twitter has made is that it will require a Twitter Blue subscription for SMS two-factor authentication (2FA). Twitter had offered SMS 2FA for free, but now requires a Twitter Blue subscription for this feature.

Non-paying users will have to switch to another 2FA method, such as an authenticator app or a security key, or risk losing their account to hackers. By charging for SMS 2FA, Twitter is essentially putting a price tag on user security and privacy, which is free on every other social network.

The New Twitter Seems to Be All About the Money

The new changes that Twitter has implemented are aimed at increasing its revenue and profits, but at the expense of its user experience and satisfaction.

By limiting features, removing verification, favoring paid content, and compromising security for non-paying users, Twitter alienates its loyal fan base and pushes them away to other platforms that offer more freedom, fairness, and fun. If you are one of those users who value these qualities, then it’s time to leave Twitter for good

4 Reasons It’s Time to Quit Twitter

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