Can my Google Workspace admin access my saved passwords on my Google workspace account

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What saved passwords are we talking about? A Google Workspace admin can in general do anything to your account, because the account doesn’t belong to you but to the institution that contracted for it. That includes being able to change your password or reset it. However that doesn’t mean they can see the password you use to log in, because that isn’t recorded anywhere. GW uses password hashing, just as does every other website run by anyone even minimally competent in security.

If you use your Workspace account to save non-GW passwords, e.g. in Docs or Keep, in principle the admin would be able to access them with some work, though they would leave an audit trail.

Use a real password manager.

Google Workspace Education is completely free. Google Workspace is a Google product which is an essential part of a business. The plans offered by Google Workspace helps to develop a business as well as give the business a professional appeal. Beside the business part, G Suite plays a great role in the Educational field. In the time of this Covid pandemic when the lockdown started, all business and educational institutes became closed. In that time Google Workspace Education was the only way to have the studies and been connected with the educational field. The most important thing about Google Workspace Education is that it is completely free. The main objective of this field is to help students to have their study digitally with the help of Google.

How do I purchase Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has created an excellent name for itself, becoming a top product for new enterprises, SMBs, and large enterprises.

If you are any of these entities, you will need GWS’ plan to ensure your workload, presentations, meetings etc. are all aligned and in sync with the priorities of your organization.

If you are looking at buying a GWS plan you can of course get it from Google itself. Or, if you are looking at an email + GWS plan then you should look at vendors who are affiliated with Google.

A favorite among many enterprises in BigRock, because they handle everything related to a website.

Right from a small blog to a slightly large to enterprise level websites. They provide plans for GWS on their site per person (employee) along with email hosting as well.

The benefit of going to BigRock is that they handle you as their own clients and your queries or questions if any are not forgotten in the pool of many.

Besides, they understand everything related to enterprise communication and management when it comes to websites and web hosting, especially domains.

So, as an owner or a decision maker in the firm, going with BigRock to buy a GWS plan would make sense. Check out their plans and see if they suit your current budget and requirements. As far as I see, they are worth every buck.

Can my Google Workspace admin access my saved passwords on my Google workspace account

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