What are the top Google Workspace features

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Google Work Space, previously GSuite, has several key benefits. I only recommend BigRock’s GWS plans for small and medium-sized businesses because of these benefits:

1. Collaborate immediately

When staff is divided into several responsibilities, it’s harder to collaborate even when everyone is in the office. Google Workspace encompasses all enterprise-only collaborative programs.

Endpoint controls offer maximum protection.

The control panel lets you manage Google Workspace. Endpoint Management manages this account’s devices.

Google Workspace’s end-to-end administration makes mobile app migration fast and easy. Control device access, security, and use. Delete your device or account to eliminate sensitive effects from a lost or stolen device.

2. The control panel manages everything

Google Workspace management software lets you manage data, people, and applications from one interface. The intelligent dashboard lets you add and delete people from groups, customize the user experience, manage devices, create tasks, define permissions, and customize storage settings.

You might disable unreliable apps, utilize the security key, or search for two items. If users get Google Workspace or associated programs on a new computer or mobile device, Google will email them a confirmation code to type before accessing the service data. Google sends this code. Google Workspace also offers comprehensive email analytics, commonly known as security risk analysis, to secure your organization with security checks and best practices.

3. Connect Google Workspace with CRM and other apps

Teams may seamlessly interact across platforms and Google Workspace applications by integrating CRM and other performance systems with Google Workspace. Staff can access their work letter and spend less time on work (and data). Focus on business growth rather than data transfer or human error. Users and customer service reps can automatically access Salesforce services like calls, appointments, and emails via Gmail by integrating CRM. Google Workspace allows Salesforce access and contact viewing. After that, download CRM data to Google Sheets immediately.

What are your views about the Google Workspace?

For a small business, it doesn’t really offer much over the free consumer version.

You can transfer your email to Google and exclusively use the Google mail servers. Google’s email is fast and reliable. That’s the real reason we went with Workspace. We previously used the webhost’s email. It was awful.

Centralized administration. The assigned Admin(s) have control over lots of stuff.

You can share calendars. You still can’t share contacts other than a company directory. You will have to pay for an addon like Shared Contacts in order to share contacts with other users. $$$

Customer support. Well kind of. It’s all outsourced to India and other countries. Most of the agents aren’t any more knowledgeable than you. You’ll spend a lot of time on hold while they read all the same help articles you have already read. Usually there isn’t any resolve to an issue. Plus, with English as a second language they are very hard to understand.

Google recently added Voice to Workspace. If you have a personal Voice number associated with a domain email you plan to transfer to Google Workspace, DO NOT transfer your Google Voice number to Workspace. You will be billed $10 per month for the exact same thing as the personal version. $$$

Privacy. Not so much. Google bots still scan your email and web traffic and sell your personal information for advertising. Google is an advertising company, plain and simple. All of their offerings are targeted towards advertising. Everything Google offers is a means to an end. You are the product.


What are the top Google Workspace features

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