What is the advantage of Google Workspace?

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Here are some of the core benefits of Google Work Space formerly known as GSuite. I have recommended BigRock’s GWS plans for SMbs solely for these advantages:

  • Collaborate immediately

Collaborating can be a challenge even when everyone is in the office, but it can be tricky than when employees are divided into many isolated tasks. Google Workspace includes many collaborative programs only available in Enterprise or existing formats.

  • Get the best security in class from Endpoint controls

The control panel allows you to manage your Google Workspace account. In Endpoint Manager, you can manage the devices that have access to this account.

With Google Workspace end-to-end management, you can move mobile applications quickly and efficiently. You can also control usage, manage security settings, and restrict device access. If your device is lost or stolen, you can delete sensitive effects by deleting the device or account.

  • Manage everything from the control panel

With Google Workspace management software, you can manage data, users and applications from a single portal. From the smart dashboard, you can add and remove users in groups, customize user experience, manage devices, create tasks, set permissions, and customize storage settings.

For example, you can block unreliable applications, use the security key, or search for two things. If they receive Google Workspace or related applications from a new computer or mobile device, Google will send them a confirmation code that they must enter before they can access the service data. Google Workspace also offers advanced email analytics (security risk analysis), including security checks and best practice advice to protect your organization.

  • Integrate Google Workspace with CRM and other applications

The Google Workspace integration with CRM and other performance applications enables team members to work seamlessly across platforms and Google Workspace applications. Employees have access to their own work letter and do not have to spend time on work frequently (and data). Grow your business and stop worrying about data transmission and human error. For example, by connecting CRM, users and customer service can access Salesforce services, calls, appointments and emails automatically without leaving Gmail. You can also view your Salesforce account and contact information from Google Workspace, then download CRM data instantly to Google Sheets

Google Workplace is an all-in-one solution to the management of tasks, conversations, lists, and documents. Since it’s a Google product, you can bet that you are going to get reliable services along with seamless synchronisation with all your other favourite Google apps like Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Gmail, to name a few.

Marketing teams can run seamless campaigns with Google Workspace as it acts like a big Google Drive that is going to fit all the versatile needs of your team on an enterprise level.

Here are some of the most notable features of Google Workspace:

  1. Helps the team share and save things right to the cloud for keeping the team in the loop at all times.
  2. Protect your data and make sure that your documents stay secure at all times.
  3. Manage access to various documents according to your teams’ needs.
  4. It comes with a big storage capacity, where the first 15 GB of storage is completely free.
  5. It also comes with a ‘Vault’ to store documents, important information, and media files that are yet to be released to the public.
  6. It comes with options to safeguard your data with Data Loss Prevention.
  7. It gives certain options to teams that allow them to archive certain data for organising work.


  • The Business Starter plan is available for $6/user/month
  • The Business Standard plan is available for $12/user/month
  • The Business Plus plan is available for $18/user/month
  • The pricing plan for Enterprise level teams is available on quote.

What is the advantage of Google Workspace?

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