5 Years After She Left Me For A Taxi Driver Because I Had Nothing, Now She Wants To Marry Me - Inemac


Hi Mr. Rhyno, Please I am a man in my mid-thirties who met this woman during secondary school. Even though I was ahead of her in two classes from another school, we were deeply in love and it was a beautiful experience. When I completed my schooling, I asked for sex but she insisted I held on for her to finish too, so I complied. At the point when she was finishing secondary school, I had gotten admission into a university.     

We had our first sex experience after three years and in 2011, she got pregnant and gave birth to a pretty baby girl which I accepted wholeheartedly and kept supporting in all ways with everything. Meanwhile, at that time I was still in school. Sadly in 2012, she lost her father and life turned out to be so difficult for the deceased family. I was in my second year at the university and this circumstance turned crazy that I had to drop out of school with the goal of hustling and providing for my little girl and my sweetheart’s family. I did that till my girl was three and we remained joyful as a little family. In the middle of this, her younger sister got married and that was when she started frustrating me to get married to her because she was humiliated that her younger sister got married before her.

I wasn’t ready, so I tried persuading her to give me some more time so I could make proper plans for it since I was living under my sister’s roof. Before I knew it, she had dumped me for another man who was a taxi driver and after so many appeals, I knew there was no point holding her down since her mind was made up. I had to let her go and proceed with my hustle but never stopped sending any kind of support for my kid. With time she got pregnant for him only to realize that the man has been married with kids. So he later rented an apartment for her where he spent nights with her. Three years later, the man impregnated another woman in the same environment she was living in and this got her really upset.  

Presently, I have a good job which pays me well and surprisingly she has started bringing herself nearer to me and a couple of days back she called me proposing marriage from me. I have never been with any lady since the heartbreak because I concentrated more diligently on hustling. The confusion here is, should I remain the way I have been and continue to take care of my child or accept her back? The pain of making a mistake is what am trying to avoid. Please your positive counsels will be valued. Much thanks to you.

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