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Bad Breath

Bad breath is really bad and can drive away friends and loved ones of the person involved from relating to such individuals. Causes of bad breath are numerous. Most times it is really embarrassing to be identified with it. It has gotten to the point where people secretly seek solutions for such problems and to know the way out from it. Due to this challenge at hand, we would love to know the causes of bad breath.

Causes Of Bad Breath

Causes of bad breath vary of different kinds. Below are the causes of bad breath.

1. Excessive Weight In The Body

When there is excessive weight in the body, there is a tendency for the mouth to have bad breath and smell in an unpleasant manner.

2. Drinking A Lot Of Dairy Products And Food With Protein

Drinking a lot of dairy products and food with protein also with candy is not good for the body. After much consumption, it eventually leads to more amino acids in the body which results in the growth of bacteria resulting in bad breath. 

3. Excessive Intake Of Alcohol

An excessive intake of alcohol is not good at all. It makes the mouth dry resulting in the piling up of bacteria which brings about bad breath.

4. Snoring At All Times

Snoring happens when one sleeps as a result of much stress and makes an unusual noise. It restricts saliva production from the mouth. Bad breath comes as a result of this.

5. Dry Mouth (Dehydration)

This is when there is no form of liquid or water in the mouth. This is when the mouth is not moist at all resulting in a desperate need for water. When this happens, the mouth will really bring out an offensive odor or bad breath that will not be pleasant at all. Causes of bad breath also come as a result of this.

6. Improper Digestion

Digestion is when the food is eaten or taken in by anyone is properly broken down into bits by the digestive system so as to be able to be absorbed by the body. The body gladly takes it and it goes down well with it but in the instance where the digestive system of the body does not properly digest the food or there will be improper digestion in the body and not well taken care of will bring about bad breath.

7. Food Remnant In The Mouth

When anybody eats and does not drink or use enough water to rinse the mouth, the remnant of the food will reside in some part of the mouth region in which in the long run will make the mouth have an unpleasant smell or bad breath.

8. Kidney Disease

When one has kidney disease, it means that the kidney is not strong enough to properly remove waste products from the body. When this is not well taken care of, it results in bad breath.

9. Cancer Of The Lungs

When the lungs are not functioning properly results in bad breath. This will eventually need the urgency of medical practitioners to attend to such a person.

10. Poor Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene involves someone brushing his or her mouth regularly most especially in the morning and also at night. When this is not done, there is every tendency that the mouth will produce bad breath and offensive smell.


With this topic on bad breath, the above analysis explains the various causes of bad breath.

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