What is an Ex-Gratia Payment?

  • What is an Ex-Gratia Payment?

    What is an Ex-Gratia payment? There are situations where you will get compensated for damage which is not mandatory but was done out of merit. In this situation, the compensation is simply given based on favour or out of goodwill by either your insurance provider the government or a private agency. However, in legal terms, […]

  • What Is Accident Insurance – Who Should Get an Accident Insurance?

    What Is accident insurance? How does it work? Will I get compensated by my insurer provider when I have an accident? Well, accident insurance is an extra layer of protection that pays you cash when you suffer an unexpected qualifying accident. What Is Accident Insurance Furthermore, it provides money or compensates you for any extra […]

  • What Is Open Enrollment – What Happens if I Miss the Open Enrollment Deadlines?

    What is open enrollment? How does it work? When do I know the time to change my coverage? Well, open enrollment is the time of the year when you can sign up for health insurance or make changes to your coverage. You might probably be having issues with your coverage and want to change it. […]