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Hello Mr. Richard (Love Therapist), I have been dating this amazing man for close to 12 months. At the point when we newly began, I was away for more than a period of 3 months and we were unable to see. At the point when I returned, he really needs me to be at his place and even needs me to move my things to his place yet I would not and discussed him that we were not officially husband and wife. He thinks about me a great deal and regardless of the sort of battle we have, he despises everything, not getting angry gives me the cash and gets me what I want.

The issue I have with him began two months after I returned from my long travel, he began to get angry with me at any slightest moment, for every little thing being done by me. It would continue for a long time. He still communicates with me anytime he feels like doing so. I have attempted many times to discover what the issue was or what really happened but he denied until one day when he disclosed to me that it was on the grounds that I do not clean his home, do his laundry,  cook for him and carry on like I used to. So I got angry and told him that his explanation was uncalled for and ought not to have justified such action and all he needed to do was discuss with me and I would have clarified that it was on the grounds that it was based on exams.

He broke up with this amazing man of mine 3 times and blocked me on social media yet he doesn’t permit our separation to last as long as a whole day before he began saying ‘sorry’ and cancels it. The issue I have with him is the manner in which he responds when he is angry and he does not open up to me when I do anything wrong to him rather he minds his own business and treats me harshly by using negative words and talking with me any how publicly. I have discussed with him yet he doesn’t respond positively and he continues to complain that I don’t have open arms towards anyone since I stopped him from his friends since they don’t reciprocate the kind gestures and ways he relates to them.

He treated me harshly, saying negative things to me yesterday when we went to visit a friend so I parted ways with him in the morning and blocked him on true caller and WhatsApp. He has really apologized through text message and he called me with a mobile number I neglected to block but I feel ashamed and moody because of the way and manner in which he talked with me which is not normal for him. Which is unlike him, somebody that would not have any desire to paint me dark openly, currently out of nowhere doing that. I am more confused from the view that he discussed his desire to marry me and I have met with his whole family and they favor our relationship yet I don’t know how to handle his kind of lifestyle from my amazing man due to his angry nature. Kindly advise me on what do I do?

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