Cox Business internet plans

Cox Business Internet Essential 3030 Mbps00$39.99
Cox Business Internet Preferred 100100 Mbps00$59.99
Cox Business Internet Ultimate 300300 Mbps00$79.99

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Cox internet & TV packages

Trying to find your perfect plan can feel overwhelming, so bundling high-speed internet and TV in one convenient package can make your decision easier. With Cox bundles, you’ll find a variety of options ranging from basic to premium plans so there’s something for everyone.

Find the best internet speeds and TV options available in your area with our ZIP code checker.

Cox internet & TV bundles

Cox Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred50 Mbps1400$129.99
Cox Internet Preferred 150 + Contour TV Preferred150 Mbps1400$149.99
Cox Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred500 Mbps1400$169.99
Cox Internet Gigablast + Contour TV Preferred940 Mbps1400$189.99

Cox triple play deals

A home phone service is still a popular choice for many. If you still enjoy having a landline then a triple play bundle from Cox is ideal. Combine your home phone, tv, and internet in one easy package. With prices starting from $149.99.

Cox triple play bundles

Cox Internet Essential 50 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice50 Mbps140Unlimited$149.99
Cox Internet Preferred 150 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice150 Mbps140Unlimited$169.99
Cox Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice500 Mbps140Unlimited$189.99
Cox Internet Gigablast + Contour TV Preferred + Voice940 Mbps140Unlimited$209.99

Considerations when comparing bundles

There are several things you can check to make sure you’re getting the best Cox bundle.

Cox channel lineup

The number of channels you get can vary from 140 to 140. Also what type of channels you’re looking for whether it’s local channels, premium channels, HD channels, or movies and sports.

Cox internet speed

Your needs will vary based on if you’re a light internet user, you work from home or your family needs several devices connected at one time. By checking the household’s internet use you can make sure you get enough download speed for your internet needs.

Cox promotions

Finding something affordable that offers you everything you need is important. Decide what channels you want, the internet speed you need, and if you want to add a home phone service. Also, check if there are extra costs for equipment or installation.

Cox customer service

The quality of customer service is an important factor for many. Customer reviews can help you decide if a plan with Cox is right for you.