Despite All Our Love And Care For Him And His Family, He Still Wishes Evil For My Family - Inemac

Dear Mr. Rhyno 007, Love Therapist, I need counsel. My husband has a friend who for some time were best of friends and more like a brother to him because they come from the same state. His friend has been married for almost 13 years or more but rather they are as yet trusting God for kids and my marriage is around 5 years of age however God has been merciful to us that I had children immediately I and my husband married each other. As of now, I have 2 kids.

After giving birth to my firstborn child, the friend of my husband said something and I quote; “Imagine, my friend of yesterday simply have a kid yet we that have wedded for a very long time is yet attempting to have one.” My husband told me what his friend said to him. I advised him to overlook it that he probably won’t mean any harm, that he should imagine what they are going through. For this, he reasoned and finally agree with me.

A year ago, the friend to my husband had a stroke that nearly incapacitated him yet God was merciful. Every indication points that the arrow was from their compound where they lived. We had no way out than to allow them to live in our home for certain days before they took him to the town for treatment. During the days he was with us, he urinated and defecated on his body. My home was a total mess considering the fact that we had children around but we did not give a dame about it. All our major concern was for him to recover on time which to the glory of God, he was 90% okay than the situation he was before.

Three Sundays earlier, he said I should make pepper soup for him which I did and I took it to his home with my children to say hello to him. Last Sunday, my husband visited them and as they were gisting, he told my husband that God permitted the stroke in his life because he quit going to church and that God ought to have sent the stroke to my husband so he would be the one to come and visit my husband in his sickbed. My husband remained silent yet he everything following evening. I was surprised. My husband had one point helped me to remember the holy book references that said that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Was it a joke that means no harm? Before now he uses to show this envious attitude yet to me, I generally considered it to be an ordinary thing. 

Presently my husband needs to totally keep away or give him much distance. However, I instructed him to loosen up at first so I can share and think more. My loving readers, what would you be able to reason from this? If you don’t mind help out. I appreciate.

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