Drugstore Skin-Care Buys That Are Even Better Value on Prime Day—And Not One Is Over $20Portrait of smiling young brunette woman

Building a robust skin-care routine takes a lot of trial and error. The product that works for your BFF might be your skin’s arch nemesis, so when Prime Day rolls around, it’s pretty much the best time to test out products to see if you want to add them to your routine. Over the past few years, drugstore skin care has gotten sufficiently sciencey. We’ve seen retinolshyaluronic acids, and alpha-hydroxy acids be plucked from the dermatologist’s office and transplanted to the CVS nearest you. And now: Without even leaving your couch, you can score the best drugstore skin-care deals via Prime Day at an even discounted rate than usual. If you’re not sure which products to invest in, keep scrolling below for our picks for each skin type. Whether you are someone with a redness-prone complexion or you’re looking to prevent breakouts from happening, every ingredient you need to do so can be found below. What’s more, you’ll see why dermatologists regularly recommend these “active ingredients” (those that are in products to help solve certain skin issues) to help create homeostasis for each complexion type. All that, and our favorite picks from Amazon’s drugstore skin care Prime Day deals right this way.

Best Buys for Acne Prone Skin

First Botany Store All Natural Tea Tree Body Wash — $13.00

For those battling acne or oily skin, the summer can be a tough time to manage breakouts on your chest, back, and beyond. This all-over body wash is made with tea tree and eucalyptus to help kill off bacteria and fungus that can cause skin irritation and the like. Shop Now