2 Wonderful Endtime Bible Verses-End-Time Preparation(GRPM)

Endtime Bible Verses

End-Time Preparation

Hello, children of God. Greetings in the name of Jesus name. This is Pastor .E. Daniel of God’s Redemption Power Ministry. The Messages that you are about to hear is Titled “END TIME PREPARATION”. It is based on what is happening all over the world. The land has been polluted and God knows about it. It needs cleansing.

Hear what the Lord said in one of the endtime Bible verses, 2 Chronicles 7:14 to 15. Meaning that the land has been polluted and it is only God, the Alpha and Omega, the only one that can heal the land. He will definitely heal our land in Jesus name. This is a bible portion from one of endtime bible verses.

Definitely, a message has come from the throne of grace, right from the day you receive this message. We should not ask anything or pray about anything, other than asking God for forgiveness. Let all your messages, is it deliverance, is it counseling, let it be based on forgiveness. Let us jointly cry to God for forgiveness.

Please Do Not Drag The Tray. Be Patient

This is what he has advised us to do. The message is directly from the Throne. If we can obey and do it, we’ll have cause to rejoice at the end of the day because He has not to lie and He will never lie. Take note of the message and make sure you pass it to as many people as you can because by doing so, you have saved a lot of lives.

This is what God wants us to do at this present time. He’s a merciful God. He has brought a solution to the situation that is ravaging the world. You and I have a duty to do by passing this message across. As you do that I strongly believe that God will answer our prayers and put an end to it. Please do it, we have a lot to gain together. May God helps us, thank you. God bless you. Kindly share this message around.

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Endtime Bible Verses: 2 Chronicles 7:14-15, Revelations 1:3

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