Generally, people are of two traits. Either they are an extrovert or that of an introvert personality. Some do not know the kind of traits they have or possess but some do. Extroverts generally are people who have an outgoing personality.

Meaning Of An Extrovert

Extroverts are individuals who are more exposed. They make more friends, very friendly most of the time. Their social statuses are on the high side. Most times, one can feel at home is associated with an extrovert.
Below are the traits of an extrovert.

1. Extroverts Makes Friends That Are Numerous To Count: They have a friendly attitude associated with them. It is mostly observed that due to their accommodating and friendly nature, the numbers of friends they have are numerous to count. This is because they initiate and keep conversations on and on. It is noticed that on social media, their number of friends they have is on the high side and they are always ready to be associated with the person in question.

2. Strength From The Outside (Crowd):  Extroverts really enjoy keeping company with people. Whenever they are alone in their closet, they feel really uncomfortable and bored. Because of that, they find all it takes to make them get out to the public and feel comfortable and also enjoy themselves. They feel fulfilled and draw strength from the crowd.

3. Mostly Seen At Social Gatherings Or Events: When an extrovert hears an event or social gathering is happening somewhere, the urge and willingness to be there will be on the high side. They would love to be there by all means to have an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. They enjoy going to events and occasions. When they get there, it is a platform for them to know more people, have contact, get connections, make new friends and derive benefits that are pleasurable to them.

4. Extrovert Are More Dominant In Character: From research, extroverts easily associate with more people. With their friendly nature and popularity, they consciously or unconsciously become leaders in most groups they belong to or they easily get nominated for a leadership position. When that happens, everyone would definitely know or feel the impact of the extrovert being elected as the leader.

5. They Are Easily Noticed: All extroverts easily get noticed in any gathering, no matter how small or big the gathering is. Their impact will really be felt at all costs whether the extrovert likes it or not. It is not of their doing but the inner nature or personality of who they really are. If in any way, they are absent in a frequent gathering being held, their absence would really be felt and visibly known.

6. Extroverts Are Outspoken And Express Themselves At All Times: It is very rare to see an extrovert keep things to himself or herself. They are always bold enough to express themselves to the fullest and care more about letting other people know how they feel about anything that goes on in their minds.

7. They Are High-Risk Takers: Extroverts are individuals who most times dare the impossible. They are high-risk takers in most of their endeavors or whatever they intend to do or accomplish. It could be anything that comes up in their mind.

8. Quiet Moment: Quite a moment is a time away from the crowd. It is a time one gets to reflect on him or herself to project the way forward concerning the future or as regards any plans one is doing or intends to do. Even though extroverts do not like more quiet moments, they take at least a little time off to reflect or think of a way forward compared to that of an introvert.

9. Study Pattern: Studying involves making research, gaining more knowledge and achieving a better result. Everyone has a pattern of study which in the long run pays them well intellectually, financially or otherwise. In the case of an extrovert, they love to study and share knowledge with people or in groups. If they try to study alone, it might be okay for a little while which will eventually make it boring for them but enjoys it more when they relate or express themselves with people of like minds around them. This really contradicts the kind of study pattern of an introvert because they see it as a distraction and not encouraging at all. 

10. They Are Chosen By Their Friends: Because of their friendly nature and frequent and unbiased mode of interacting with everyone, people eventually want to be their friends and choose them by offering their hands of friendship to them which the extrovert will gladly accept without thinking twice and be really comfortable with it at any point in time.

11. Quick To Make Friends: Extroverts are fond of people and would waste no time to relate or interact with them. This allows them to consciously or unconsciously make friends with everyone quickly with ease and would love to do more.

 12. Public Life Or Public Figure: All extroverts are the cynosure of all eyes. Wherever they go, they would be noticed easily. They easily get attention and are admired by all. That prompt them to aspire for leadership positions, public offices or rather become a public figure in whatever profession they like doing most of the time with pleasure.

13. Their Social Life Is On The High Side: Due to the exposure of an introvert and having high attention from everyone, it increases their fan base as regards the number of friends they have on the social media. Anything they say or do is widely noticed.

14. They Talk More: Extrovert derive comfort by expressing themselves more to people around them. This leads them in making more speeches or talking more for people to understand the perspective from which they are talking.

15. Selection Of Jobs: Extroverts can comfortably handle jobs that deal with people in the public view. This has to do with having a one on one talk with them. Examples of such jobs are marketing, networking, politics and other work relating or similar to that.

 16. They Are Loud In Anything They Do: Whenever an introvert celebrates or does anything, they make sure that it is elaborate. From that, a lot of people get to know them more and have a better view or perspective of them.

What Is An Extrovert

In conclusion, an extrovert can generally be categorized as a very friendly person, has an outgoing personality, easy to mix and relate with people from different background regardless of where the person comes from. From the above illustrations, it is easy to discover, know and ascertain the kind of personality one is as regards the characteristics, traits of an extrovert.