Student Loans for International and Study Abroad Students

If you are looking for a student loan to fund your international education, we can help. Whether you are an international student in the US or a US student studying abroad, finding a student loan doesn’t have to be difficult. With our student loan comparison tool you can find the right loan in seconds — and then apply online.

Compare & Apply for Student Loans for International Students

If you are a US study abroad or foreign-enrolled student, or an international student in the US or Canada and you’re interested in applying for an international student loan, our comparison tool can help.

International Student Loans

Find international student loans without having to go to every lender only to discover that they don’t work with your school – we can show you which lenders should have a loan that meets your unique circumstances.

We’ve made it easy for you to find a complete list of eligible lenders at your school that will help you cover the total cost of your education. After comparing your loan options, you’ll be able to review basic terms and conditions, see interest rates, and find the loan that’s right for you.

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 Find a Loan in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Enter your information and click ‘Find My Student Loan.’
  2. Review and compare a complete list of student loans.
  3. Choose an international student loan and apply online.

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Our tool will show you a lender or lenders that specialize in working with students just like you – in search of additional financial aid to fund their international education.

Once you’ve completed your international student loan application, you will get initial approval within weeks.

These loans can cover your tuition, books, transportation, living expenses, and more. And the lenders we work with are very experienced in helping international students secure private student loans with fair terms and a reasonable interest rate, as most international students are not eligible for federal student loans in the US.

Remember, many international students will need a cosigner to be approved for a student loan. Your co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit and must have lived in the US for the past two years. Only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to act as your cosigner, however, if you do not have a cosigner you can see if you’re eligible for a no cosigner loan. This is a type of private student loan that you can apply for without any credit history in the United States or Canada – the lender won’t check your credit score or social security number.

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After applying for an international student loan, you’ll be on your way to affording your overseas education. Don’t let costs stand in your way, do your research find out if you’re eligible, and apply today!