First Bank Transfer Code-7 Sure Ways To Make Best Use Of It


First Bank Transfer Code-7 Sure Ways To Make Best Use Of It

First Bank Transfer Code

First Bank

First Bank is one amongst many banks that give great services to their customers. They have gone a long way to make things, business transactions and any other legal and genuine relationship with the bank become an awesome experience. First Bank is a bank widely known and has high regard from people worldwide. First Bank and trust go side by side.
With this, they have devised a means every client can make transactions easier at all costs with lesser stress at all times. Nearly every person who possesses a phone, do one thing or the order brought about the innovation of the USSD Code which involved digits. The USSD code is *894# and It can also be used for money transfer services. It is also the best money transfer service. The invention of the USSD Code makes mobile banking easy to operate at will. USSD Code can be used without the help of my First Bank Mobile App.

First Bank Self Service

With the use of this First Bank self-service, it allows anyone to have easy access and the best use of First Bank USSD Transfer Code more effectively. At this point, one could on his or her own accord use First Bank USSD Transfer Code with or without anyone’s supervision.

First Bank Transfer Code

With the use of First Bank Transfer Pin, both offline and online money transfer services can also be done. The First Bank Transfer Code is *894#. When First Bank Transfer Code is dialed on a phone, we would be prompted with two (2) important options: Firstmonie and Quick Banking. This would definitely let us decide our next line of action.


This platform or option is used by people who bank with them or do not have access to an electronic transaction.

Quick Banking

Clicking on this option prompts individuals to bank with First Bank on various options to choose from to satisfy their banking needs.

The Advantages Of Using First Bank Transfer Code

Below are the advantages of using the First Bank transfer code
1. Anyone can conveniently do any form of transfer
2. Bills can be paid
3. You can open an account with First Bank at any time
4. It is the fastest way of making any form of transaction
5. It can be done without the need for internet
6. Security is more certain in any form of transaction
7. It can be done at comfort at any point in time
8. Easy to do any day, any time
9. It is a unique style in banking
10. Airtime can be bought for oneself and other people
11. Account balance can be checked
12. USSD PIN can be registered and activated for banking use and transaction
13. The new banking method to a new customer will be clearly understood easily
14. It can be used without First Bank App
15. It is an alternative for First Bank Online Transfer

Easy Steps To Register Using First Bank Transfer Code

To register for the First Bank USSD Transfer code, there are easy step-by-step procedures one should take and do for one to achieve desirable results.

The Most Effective Method To Register And Activate For First Bank USSD Banking – First Bank Transfer Code

Registering for the First Bank USSD Banking platform, one should be an account holder to partake in this process.
Step 1: Type *894# on your phone
Step 2: Choose your desired debit card
Step 3: Four (4) Digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) of your debit card will be inputted
Step 4: You can now create a new and unique PIN.

Step 5: The PIN will now be tagged as First Bank Transfer PIN
This will eventually allow your First Bank USSD Quick Banking Service to be launched and activated successfully.

Steps In Checking Your Account Balance In First Bank Using USSD Code

One might want to know what is remaining in his or her First Bank account and may not be in the First Bank banking hall or First Bank Customer Care Officer to make inquiries to know what is left. For you to know the balance, you would need to make use of First Bank Code, *894# to know what is remaining in the bank account. The procedure to go about this is to dial on your phone *894*00#. Type your PIN which is a Four (4) Digit Number and send. You will now know your First Bank Account Balance with the help of the First Bank USSD Code.

Steps To Check First Bank Mini Statement On Your Phone Using The First Bank USSD Code

With the use of the First Bank Transfer Code, you can have a view of your First Bank Mini Statement. For this to happen, you should dial on your phone, *894*Account Number#. With this, you would have your First Bank Mini Statement within your reach and at your convenience.

Steps On How To Purchase Or Recharge Your Airtime Using First Bank Transfer Code

Recharging phone lines or sim cards using First Bank Transfer Code can be involved in 2 ways.
1. Using First Bank Transfer Code to recharge personal phone lines
2. Using First Bank Transfer Code to recharge other phone lines

1. Using First Bank Transfer Code To Recharge Personal Phone Lines

There are instances when we want to recharge your phone line and want to make use of First Bank USSD Transfer Code which is *894#. At this point, for this to take place, your sim card should be the phone number that is registered as your sim card recognized by First Bank. If your sim card is not recognized by First Bank as yours, that is having an account with them, you would not personally be able to recharge your airtime using First Bank USSD Transfer Code. The process to go about this is for you to dial *894*Amount# and later put your PIN for the recharge to be done.

2. Using First Bank Transfer Code To Recharge Other Phone Lines

This is when you have an account with First Bank registered with your phone number and you decide to recharge the phone number of your family, friends and loved ones and you make use of the First Bank Transfer Code using this method. You will dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and later input your PIN.

Steps In Transferring Money From First Bank To Other Banks Making Use Of USSD First Bank Transfer Code

Step 1: Get hold of your phone and dial these numbers, *894*Amount Needed             
             For Transfer*Account Number#
Step 2: Pick on the desired bank you want to transfer money to
Step 3: Type in the amount of money you want to transfer and confirm it
Step 4: Input the Beneficiary name
Step 5: The already registered five (5) digits PIN you registered will be entered or typed in                  the prompt when needed

Step 5: The account to be debited should be selected.

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Quick Recap Of First Bank Transfer Code

Checking Balance:                                           *894*00#

Mini-Statement:                                                *894*Account Number#

Transfering Money:                                          *894*Amount*Account Number#

Activate/Register First Bank USSD Code:       *894*0#

Opening Of Account:                                        *894*0#

Airtime Self Recharge:                                     *894*Amount#

Recharging Airtime for other phone numbers: *894*Amount*Phone number#
Above are the illustrations on the best use of the First Bank Transfer Code

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