Five Months Of Sex And No Baby, Now I Feel Guilty Because... - Inemac

Hi, Mr. Rhyno 007, Love Therapist. Kindly post this for me anonymously.  I am 24 years of age. I did a horrible mistake in which I am unable to forgive myself.

I met a man, April, a year ago. For almost fourteen days of meeting and interacting with each other, he began discussing marriage and wanted to see my parents. However, before then, he said I should get pregnant. Being desperate and ignorant, I surrendered my body to him. This went on for five months and I did not get pregnant for him. I left him when I understood my stupidity yet then it has just left a scar on me.

I really wanted to think if something isn’t right with me for not getting pregnant. Despite that fact, I’m happy it never occurred however I’m concerned and worried about it. I met a loving man and we will get married ideally at the completion of my youth service this year. Be that as it may, I am scared and worried. Imagine a scenario in which something isn’t right with me as regards getting pregnant. My best friend said I worry a lot and that five months is too early to arrive at a conclusion.

If you don’t mind, by chance, for anybody who has gone through this phase of life before or not, I desperately need your assistance and advice since I’m tempted to inform my future life partner concerning it and I don’t have the slightest idea of whether I should do it or not.

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