Why wait for fiber build-out? Towerstream Business Class Internet is just what your company needs to support business-critical applications. Towerstream’s Fixed Wireless technology delivers reliable high-speed Fixed Wireless Internet to businesses seamlessly, securely, and at a lower cost than fiber providers in 12 major US markets.

Towerstream provides scalable, secure, and reliable business-class internet connectivity enabling our wholesale partners to react to increasing bandwidth demands while reducing operational and capital expenses.

Our Fixed Wireless Network includes 175 major Points-of-Presence and 392,000 addressable buildings within 4 miles of our PoPs in 12 major US markets.

Service Delivery
We can guarantee delivery of service within 25 business days to over 392K buildings in our 12 US Markets.

Our flexible pricing options and terms are built to suit your needs to allow your business to stay competitive in the market.

Our streamlined ordering system, escalation procedures, and billing processes ensure that our wholesale partners get the support they need and deserve. We provide 24/7/365 Customer Support and Monitoring through our US-based Network Operations Center.

Below you may find the answers to many common questions we receive. You may also call (800) 306-6993 to speak to our live customer support staff. Our U.S.-based Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What is On-Net?

On-Net refers to the extensive number of buildings in Towerstream’s 12 coverage markets currently lit for On-Net Business Internet Service. Towerstream selects the qualified commercial buildings in our markets to be able to offer high-capacity bandwidth at tremendous savings. Towerstream’s goal is to highly penetrate each On-Net Building.  Our unique delivery method allows us to pass our tremendous savings in equipment costs to our customers, allowing your business to experience FASTER THAN FIBER Business Internet.

How do I know if my building qualifies for On-Net service?

Towerstream utilizes building demographics to determine which buildings will be added to our On-Net Network. Contact an Account Executive today at 1-866-848-5848 to find out if your building qualifies for Towertream’s On-Net Business Internet Service and the spectacular pricing.

Is Towerstream bandwidth symmetrical?

Yes. Towerstream DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) is always symmetrical with guaranteed bandwidth, providing equal capacity for both uploads and downloads.

Do Towerstream connections have the ability to load balance with another connection?

Yes. Many customers set up their Towerstream link to load balance with a secondary link. Towerstream technical support is available for assistance.