Hi, Rhyno 007, Love Therapist. God favor you for taking care of my issue. I heard good things about you. I also heard you manage HIV positive case as of late and I need your assistance and the counsel concerning what it is on the ground right now.

I’m a lady of 22 years old of age who is really in love and attracted to a young handsome man of 27 years who cherish me back with such a great amount of love and I also want to marry him. He is extremely dedicated, mindful, well-mannered, and an ideal nobleman making him the man I had always wanted. He has just acquainted me with his relatives and companions, family and they all adored me as well and have accepted me as family.

The reality here is that he is HIV positive and he has been taking some medications for some time now and notwithstanding realizing this, I truly love him how he is. Yes, I do. Yet, the test is how do I confide in my parent that he is HIV positive and marry him.

The other motivation behind why I am terrified is because we are going to get married and I will do a congregational church wedding. However, the congregation has mentioned that we do all the fundamental tests before proceeding onward with the wedding and I know without a doubt that HIV test is included. It is absolutely impossible, they won’t discover and they could never give consent to the marriage.

Please I need your recommendation, what do I do? How would I handle this? Many thanks to you.

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