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Historical places in Nigeria that can be visited enable one to remember the good memories of what has happened in the past and allow the good memories to linger on for a long time. It preserves the knowledge of culture, history and ways of life.

Below is the list of historical places in Nigeria that can be visited anytime in Nigeria.  

1. Ogbunike Cave: Ogbunike Cave has its origin from Anambra State of Nigeria. It takes 317 steps to get to the base of the cave. The cave has been of historical and spiritual significance to the villagers many years ago. The cave consists of a big main entrance coupled with ten tunnels leading to different directions. It is further discovered that many streams flow through the same river. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

2. The Ancient Nok Settlement: The Nok culture originated around the year 1000BC and faded away in 500AD. This culture originated in the Jaba in Kaduna state. Traces of that culture even though it has faded away can be seen at The Ancient Nok Settlement in Kaduna.

3. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove: This consists of sculptures, shrines, creative artwork and other things. It is located in a forest at Osogbo in Osun state along the Osun River. It is regarded as sacred in Osogbo and as a deity as well.

4. Nigeria’s First Storey Building: The first storey building in Nigeria is located in Badagry which is in Lagos state. The foundation of the house was placed in the year 1842 and completed in the year 1845. It was built under the supervision of Reverend Henry Townsend of Christ Missionary Society (CMS).

5. Slave Museum: This is a museum that has all the things being used during the slave trade era. It acts as an exhibition to as many things anyone would love to find, know or discover as at that time. It is located in Calabar in Cross River state.

6. National War Museum: This museum is used to remember what happened during the war, the reconciliation era and mending fences of events that happened during the war. The national war museum is located in Abia state in the city of Umuahia. What was used during the war era can be seen as well.

7. Erin-Ijesha/Olumirin Water Fall: This waterfall was discovered by the granddaughter of Oduduwa called Akinla in the year 1140 along the river bank. This is located in Osun state. Olumirin is regarded as a deity. The waterfall has attracted a lot of tourist attractions over time.

8. Benin City Walls: The walls of Benin City originated from Benin in Edo State. The walls historically were used as a means of defense for the Benin Kingdom. The walls were made by man which began around 800 continued from the 13th to 15th centuries.

9. Oduduwa Grove: This is a place founded by a man called Oduduwa. The place is also known as Oduduwa temple which is regarded as sacred. This is located in a thick forest in the land of Osun-Osogbo of the Yoruba kingdom. He (Oduduwa) came with chains to the land. It was there he was laid to rest. The Yorubas who know more about the place holds in high esteem.

10. Oke Idanre: This is also called Idanre hills. This consists of things that everyone would love to behold like Belfry, Shrines, Owa’s Palace, Omi Apaara (Thunder water), Agbooogun footprint. This can be found in Idare Ondo state. The hill has staircases of 660 steps.

11. Tafawa Balewa Square: TBS, as it is fondly called, is a historical site to behold because it has the picture of seven red Eagles and four white horses of which structure is erected which stands for Dignity and Strength respectively. TBS was built in the year 1972 and it can be found in Lagos State of Nigeria. A 26 storey independent building was built in 1963 which can contain 50,000 people.  It is a place used for ceremonial events such as in memory of Nigeria Civil War victims, World War I and World War II. TBS today is used for a lot of events and functions.

12. Emir Of Kano Palace: It is a place located in the Kano state of Nigeria. The capital of the state is Kano as well. The palace of the Emir is located there. It happens to be ancient. The leader is the Emir who resides there and also has the powerhouse there. Civilization and culture existed before the British colonized the nation.

13. The Walls Of Kano: The walls of Kano is found in Kano state. It was used as a means to defend the inhabitants of Kano at that time. The 14-kilometer radius wall construction began in 1095 and was completed in the 14 century. It is of historical and spiritual and cultural importance to the people of Kano. It was made without the use of mechanical equipment.


Above are the historical places that can be visited in Nigeria.