Are you an optometrist currently working in your country and interested in immigrating to Canada? If yes. Then you are on the right path to a better future. This article was designed to help people understand how to immigrate to Canada as an optometrist. In this article, we will be covering the visa program, application process and processing time.

There are two reasons why we believe Canada is the best place for foreign optometrist. This is because according to:

  • The data we sourced from the 2012 Canadian Survey on Disability, proved that 2.8% of Canadians from 15 years and above were identified as having visual disability that also limited their daily activities. This means as an optometrist, you have a lot of work to do in Canada.
  • Also, In the year 2015, the number of people aged 65 years and above exceeded those aged 0 to 14 years. Nearly one in six Canadians were at least 65 years old. This simply means that Canada Is in dare need of foreign nationals who will be used to fill up the empty work spaces.

In Canada, Optometrists earn on average $50, 000 annually and can get more, depending on the work experience. Medical professionals are in high demand in Canada and professionals in healthcare are readily welcomed to immigrate to Canada.


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There are multiple ways to immigrate to Canada. Some paths will lead you towards earning permanent residency faster while other routes will lead you into Canadian life via temporary work in Canada or through gaining a Canadian qualification via study permit. Here are few options you can consider.

Express Entry Program

Under the Canadian immigration program, optometrists are classified under skilled workers and they can have their immigration application processed and also earn permanent residency in as little as just six months. The express entry comes with three federal immigration programs. Optometrists qualify under the federal skilled workers program. Those that meet with the eligibility requirement will be receiving an invitation to apply during one of the bi-weekly draws.Advertisements

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Eligibility Requirements:

Work experience1 year of continuous work within the past 10 years
Language SkillsEnglish or French Proficiency
Job OfferNot required. You can score more points if you have a job offer from Canada
EducationSecondary education

Work in Canada as an Optometrist

There are more than a million foreign nationals currently working in Canada every year with work permits. Canada is one of the best countries to work in north America and in the world. Working in Canada will expose you to a better life and help you build a strong network. Most people that came into Canada with temporary work permit, end up working permanently in Canada.  Canada is also rated as number one in the world in different categories such as standard of life, safety, freedom, economic growth, and access to quality healthcare and standard of education.

Establishing and Eye-Care Facility in Canada

Aside working in a company in Canada as an optometrist, you can also consider opening an eye-care business in Canada. There are few immigration options for business men and entrepreneurs. These options are just for people with good plan, business management skills and investment capitals. According to the information we sourced from Forbes, Canada is one of the best countries for immigrants to start-up their business.

Canada has a corporate tax rate of around 15%, Its culture accommodates foreign immigrants, Spaces in the labor market are opportunities left for immigrants to fill and their business to flourish. We strongly believe immigrating to Canada is just the right choice and investment for an immigrant to make.

Study Optometry in Canada

The last area we will be looking at is immigrating to Canada as an optometry student. According to statistical reports, Canada is one of the top destinations for foreign students. This is because Canada has one of the best educational system in the world, filled up with most of the best schools you can find in the world.

You can complete a four-year Doctors of Optometry undergraduate degree program at a Canadian post-secondary institution followed by 4-years of core eye training. After this, you can then proceed to applying for a Post-Graduate Work Permit that will allow you partake in an internship and easily immigrate to Canada as a qualified optometrist having a Canadian education and work experience in your documents.