I'm About To Divorce My Wife With Two Kids Because She Is Not Romantic - Rhyno 007, Love Therapist - Inemac

Dear Rhyno007, I am in a difficult situation asking for great advice. I have 2 kids in a marriage of five years but I do not enjoy the marriage any longer. Right now, I am not with my wife and kids due to work issues however such separation and distance have happened already more than once, for some different reasons.

My better half doesn’t like the romantic side of the marriage and as a lover of romance, it has affected the relationship with my wife. She has never made any move to create a conducive and enticing atmosphere at home. On most occasions, when we are having discussions, conflict and quarrels become the order of the day. At the point, whenever I make some romantic moves to my wife, like holding her hands when we are strolling, she will have a negative reaction towards my genuine intentions and say that I am doing such in order to show up myself or please everyone who sees us. Likewise, when I show her some romantic emotions while at home, she will grumble that I can not treat her this when we are outside.

All endeavors to work things out with her on the topic have not yielded any positive outcome. 

Now and again, my better half carries on as though we were not married, putting limitations on some romantic moves and sincere intentions. I have constantly disclosed to her on many occasions that I am her better half, she ought to be free with me and quit going about as though we are courting. I feel so frustrated right now. I don’t feel the ‘LIFE’ in the marriage.

Six months earlier, I met a young woman in my place of work and we have been relating really well enough. This woman has a kid and remains with the dad of the kid. (They are yet to marry). Her relationship with the man’s people does not go smoothly at all and this is having a negative influence on her to remain with her man. Their relationship is quite shaking and almost hitting the rocks. Strangely, the love between us is rapidly growing. We have experience and overcome a lot of challenges together within these couple of months. At this phase of our relationship, we are encountering so much happiness and fulfillment.

All I miss in my marriage, I get it more from the relationship with this woman and the other way around. Presently, we are nursing getting married and I have built strong communication with her entire family however just her sister is aware of me being married since we work in a similar office and she is comfortable with us. I mean to bring an end my present marriage and continue with the arrangement to wed this young woman. If by chance, my better half has had a listening ear to all I have been saying since concerning issues on our romantic lifestyle and acted well on it, maybe, I would not have been with another lady right now.  

If I remain with my better half, I don’t have the slightest idea to what extent or how long I should continue persevering through a dry marriage. I am tied in with making this choice, how dangerous would it be? Please, counsel me. Many thanks.
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