I Am In A Dark Place Choking Myself Right Now, I Need Help, Please – Rhyno 007, Love Therapist

I Am In A Dark Place Choking Myself Right Now, I Need Help, Please - Rhyno 007, Relationship Therapist - Inemac


Hi Mr. Richard, Rhyno 007 Love Therapist, I am a 26-year-old woman who is pregnant for a man who is married. Before I began going out with this man I inquired to know as to whether he is already married however he said no, that he was not going out with anybody yet I did not really believe him so I choose to make research and make investigations. At that point, I discovered that he was not with his better half and two children.

I did not appreciate the look of things I recently discovered so I decided to keep a good and long gap away from him yet he was so determined as the days go by. He would even become angry when he sees me with other male folks and quickly send me home with a stern notice. He began returning home and would welcome me to his place. Later on, I found out that I was pregnant and told him. To my most extreme astonishment, he advised me to prematurely end the pregnancy or never interact with him again. This annoyed me, so I proceeded onward with my life without him for some time. However, he, one day called me and vowed to do some shopping for the child so I received him back yet after a while, he would bring unnecessary reasons why he would not do what he has promised to do as regards promises for the baby.
Amidst this all, I perceived how hopeless he was looking so I requested that he bring his better half and children home so he would be cheerful when he takes a look at his kids because he would have committed suicide, yet he becomes so stubborn.

At present, he has not been of any support during the pregnancy. He doesn’t stay faithful to his obligations. Most occasions, it appears as though I am compelling him to do against his own wish. Should I deny the child of paternity right and move on with my life? Likewise, I really want to call his spouse to come out clean with her about what’s happening since I am the person who is constantly being hurt?  Mr, Richard, Love Therapist, Rhyno 007 and everyone else, kindly advise me on what to do? It is getting me more confused and really complicated to handle.

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