I Am Married To A Gay, What Should I Do - SHARING LIFE ISSUES (Rhyno 007, Love Therapist) - Inemac
Please read and counsel me.

Great day to you Sir, Love Therapist Rhyno 007. Please, I simply want to reveal the most alarming and strangest thing ever in my life and I need assistance before I run mad o.

I am a woman who is 27 years old of age. From now, it is 7 weeks to my wedding ceremony however there is an incredibly big issue of which I don’t have the slightest idea whether I should proceed with the marriage or not on the grounds that I and this person have gone far with the wedding and we are the two Christians from a popular church in Nigeria. I’m a virgin and I simply discovered that my life partner is gay.

On two instances, he came into the bathroom when I was naked to take something and he went out without making any form of moves or looked twice. During 2 years of our relationship, I can just recall him getting a hard-on only 3 times after additional progressively forceful temptations from me.

It’s progressively entangled now since he revealed to me he can’t change and he isn’t eager to go to his minister for mentoring about his condition yet he is happy to remain in the marriage with me as long as I acknowledge who he seems to be. Kindly assist me. I am more confused since my wedding is in 7 weeks’ time. What should I do now?. Please counsel me.

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