I Have A Funny Feeling My 10 Year Old HIV Positive Niece Wants To Sleep With My 8 Year Old Son - Inemac

Hi Sir. How is it with you today? It would be ideal if you help me and my wife in this confounding circumstance. As of late, I had carried my 10-year-old niece to remain with us after she lost her parents. From the start, we didn’t have any knowledge about her HIV status but since we recalled that her mom who kicked the bucket through a similar disease yet was trying to deny it till she passed on. We needed to go for a test and as it turned out that results became certain and affirmed that she tested positive for HIV and has since been put on drugs.

My issue now is that her behavior is less than a girl of her age. Her body and her manner of approach in life don’t appear to coordinate. Definitely, something is missing. Accidentally, she appears to be backward in so many things, right now she is in grade 5. I was upset yesterday when she came out of the bathroom, searching for her cream and was naked at the same time. She asked my son who is 8year old of age to go assist her with finding her cream since she saw him play with it before now in the day time. My son was in her room and she was there with him naked and not bothered at all. I have been thinking of she did it intentionally. Did she make deliberate sexual advances to my son or it’s because of the ailment? I don’t have an idea of keeping a young girl child since I have only two kids which are boys and the 8-year-old girl child is my first.

I’m currently in deep fear for my young boys, I’m a strict disciplinarian who flogs my young boys at whatever point they conflict with our orders. However, I and my wife gave grace to my niece since we feel beating one who is sick isn’t right. Are we making the right decision?

The young girl being referred to isn’t yet mindful of her HIV status since we were advised not to break the news to her ourselves. They let us know at the center that when it was simply the perfect time, they would reveal to her themselves. I urgently need guidance on the best way to manage my niece and what to do. Your recommendation will be exceptionally valued. Much thanks to you.

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