I Love Him So Much And He Is A Good Man But His Requests Are Scary


I Love Him So Much And He Is A Good Man But His Requests Are Scary - Inemac


Hi, Rhyno 007, Love Therapist. Please I will love your counsel on a specific issue that is truly disturbing me. I met a young man at some point a year ago and after about a month after we initially met, we began dating officially. He is a responsible, God-fearing and decent young man yet I feel like he is making attempts to deny me of my freedom.
One day, we were talking about I, meeting his parents when he said I will need to get some new outfits and skirts that I will be wearing during our time there. I asked him why he said I can’t be wearing trousers in his family house. He proceeded to say that if I really love him, I will quit wearing trousers.
This has been disturbing me since. I don’t think wearing trousers is wrong. I never at any point dress to open any part of my body, not on the grounds that I judge those who do that. I never feel comfortable doing such.
One way or another, I systematically avoided that discussion. Yet, often at times, he brings it up saying that he is not telling me to stop but if the love I have for him is still there, I will do what he asked me to do. We have intentions to open a boutique together however he said when we open it we won’t sell female trousers. Last night, we had arguments concerning hip hop songs though on the contrary, I don’t play or dance to it regularly.
He said that hip hop songs don’t please God and that I need to quit singing it or dance to it if I need to make heaven. I am actually confused on the grounds that at whatever point I disagree with him about these things, he will consistently say that it’s a normal thing which is of no importance at all. My question to this is, are these things extremely normal things?
Asking me to quit wearing trousers, quit singing or dancing to hip hop songs, is it not that he is attempting to take away my freedom to do specific things? How am I certain that he won’t request that I stop a whole lot of different things when we, at last, get married? I am actually extremely disturbed about this and I will value your counsel on this.
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