I Took My Wife To A Hotel All In The Name Of Romance, Now I'm In Trouble - Rhyno 007, Love Therapist - Inemac

Hi, Mr. Richard, Love Therapist. How is your day, trust great? I would really need your school of thought and opinion on an issue that is causing disputes in my family at this moment.

I’m married with two precious children. I and my wife are truly the best of companions and each time, we attempt to make something new. Something that will consistently linger in our heart for a long time, indicating to us that it’s not the number of years one spent in marriage but how dedicated the couples are as the years progresses.

A week ago, on Saturday as usual, I took the children to my Grand Mother’s home to go spend the weekend since I had a decent arrangement for my wife. I took my wife to a stunning eatery that I recently discovered near Grandmother’s home and in the process of eating, I reserved a room in the hotel above it only for us to have intercourse in the room reserved for us in the hotel. Only for my wife to refuse and lambast me that I was not in my right senses. She likewise included that this was the manner by which I spend my cash by laying down with prostitutes in the hotel room. I was simply stuck and fixed to the same spot in shock. I did not know what to say.

From that point forward, my home has become a combat area and war zone. She is requesting a divorce. Please, where have I gone wrong? I wanted to give her a surprise package but it turned out to be trouble now. I genuinely don’t comprehend it any longer. What can I do? Much thanks to you.

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