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An introvert can be described as a person who is reserved, always keep to himself or herself, never mix with other people and always happy and relaxed when all alone. Some people are in a guessing game of what kind of personality they do portray or the kind of life they live. Some are right in their opinion and some are wrong as well. Many at times, from research, people do not know actually if they are an introvert or not. Because of that, some of them do make a quest or findings to know more about their status.

Below are the facts or findings that would elaborate more on if a person is an introvert or not.

1. Away From The Crowd: It is mostly observed that an introvert finds more comfort and draw more strength and inspiration when they are away from the crowd. The opposite of this happens whenever they are in public view. They do not want to surround themselves with people they are not in acquaintance well enough. They very well enjoy being alone.

2. Passion For Knowledge: They are always ready to know more, study more, make more research, inquisitive concerning knowledge and read more books. Through their intensive style of study or research, they have more in-depth knowledge or analysis of what they involve themselves in.

3. Introvert Relationship: Introvert at times relate to the extrovert. Extroverts are individuals that are outgoing and more exposed. Introvert loves to relate with them because it will be a means for them to get a little bit to expose to the outside world like the extrovert to know more.

4. Good Observers: They are very good observers. The study from a distance and know a lot about an individual. They can be very certain to give a good and better prediction of what a person can or cannot do after their analysis.

5. Takes Time Before Relating With People: It takes them a while before they associate or relate with anybody. They are scared or do not want to fall into any kind of inconvenience whatsoever. They would not want to inconvenience anyone or not allow any inconveniences as well. For that reason, they take their time before any form of relationship would occur with anyone.

6. They Listen More: They enjoy listening more to people’s views, contributions, ideas or comments. They have a listening ear and as such welcome it. This enhances knowledge.

7. They Make Fewer Speeches: Even though they listen more, they are slow to speak and whenever they speak, they do it with confidence and give a full analysis of whatever they speak about.

8. They Are Not The Loud Type: Most introverts will appeal to any length for any social gathering, parties, functions, events or anything personal to them to be on the low key. For any instances such as event want to turn out to be too loud, open, expose or very elaborate, they might frown at it or make an appeal for you to understand them in their own perspective.

9. Detecting What Others Overlook: Due to their keen observant nature, they go through thoroughly any words, speech, written documents, books, observe events or anything that happens around them, take notice of the strength, weakness, flaws and objectives behind every circumstance.

10. Confirmation: After detecting what has been seen, noticed or observed, before ever they conclude, they further do all it takes to confirm every detail noticed by them. With these facts at hand, it will make them speak and act with confidence knowing well enough that when queried or asked about it now or later in the future, they would be confident to defend it well enough.

11. Independency: Knowing well enough that they don’t mix with the crowd and taking time to associate with people, they do all it takes to make themselves independent in all ramifications within their power. In order not to inconvenient anyone, they would seek what they want on their own, have it in abundance and not borrow from others. In terms of knowledge or any other thing necessary in life, they would go all out and acquire it if it is within their capacity and be contented with what they have.

 12. Trust: An introvert person finds it difficult to trust anyone and whenever the person in question trusts anybody, they go all out to keep that trust for a long time but whenever the trust is broken by whosoever they trust, they find it so difficult to trust again. For those who have a broken relationship as regards trust, they take a while for them but trust on anyone only in exceptional cases.

13. Secret Keeper: In as much as they do not relate with anybody coupled with the difficulties in trusting anyone, it would be difficult for someone to come to them and willingly let out their secret. With an introvert, anyone can be confident enough to keep their secret with them because they can keep any secret for as long as possible.

14. They Choose Their Friends: Introverts choose their friends. Their friends don’t choose them. When they encounter situations where people flock around them just to be friends or the hands of friendship is thrown open, they kind of withdraw or retrieve for a while and decide to choose for the fear so as not to make mistakes in any form of relationship but when they are comfortable with the gesture, they sit back to see or be sure if the relationship would last or be worthwhile and then further choose or accept the person’s invitation.

15. Shyness: Introverts most times are usually shy. It gradually takes time for the shyness to be over. When boldness eventually sets in, they now do what they could not do excellently and perfectly well to the extent that it becomes noticeable that they have really improved on whatsoever that has made them shy over time. Boldness becomes their watchword.

16. Going To Events: Introverts hardly goes to events except in rare cases. Maybe the person involved or the celebrant is very important to them or they are meant to be the special guest or something really important that requires their presence is required for them to attend. If eventually, they partake in such events or gather, there are fully committed or concentrate in whatsoever they come there to do and after that is done, they immediately step out of the occasion. At times, they look out for who they know or they have acquaintance to chat with. When that happens, they are relaxed at that event. There rarely find out time to make friends there or stay after the event to while away time and anytime they meet new friends, they welcome it and take time before the relationship is solidified.

17. Low Social Life: Most introvert social life is at the barest minimum. Whenever there is a live event which will be shown on Television, they prefer to watch it most times on TV than taking the stress to go all out to watch it except they are encouraged to go there. They have a very low social life of which they are comfortable with it and enjoy it all the time. They believe that if they have what it takes to enjoy themselves in their closet or home, it is better to have a nice time there than going outside to get or enjoy it.

18. Discovering Talent And Potential: Because of the in-depth strength of analyzing detailed information, they can easily discover talent and potential and in no time the person who has the talent will be at its best.

19.They Are Really Selective On The Kind Of Work They Do: Any job that has to do with marketing or going public and meeting people one on one, they seem to frown at it but when the job has to do with public speaking, they go all out for such. Also, they aspire more to be professional or expert in whatever they desire to do. Most of them do things that are centered on the line of entrepreneurship. This gives them passion and moves to explore more in challenging areas concerning what they love doing.

20. Relates, Associates And Confines More With Intimate Friends: Even though an introvert finds it hard to relate with people, they still find and have people that are special to them that they can relate, associates and confines with them. They always have a wonderful and special time with them. Such people mean the whole world to them.

21. Minimal Number Of Friends: It is very certain to have friends but it is noticed that the number of friends that introverts have is always on the barest minimum. They have friends that can be counted at any point in time compared to that of extroverts. To the introverts, they are very comfortable with it and love it that way.

22. Introverts Are Sometimes Difficult To Understand: Introverts live lifestyles that are at times not predictable. If care is not taken, you cannot understand them. Since they hardly talk or take some time before they do things they have in mind, it would not be easy for anyone to really know the kind of step or action they would love to take at any point in time. The only people that can predict or understand them better are those they are very close to or associate with most of the time.

23. Introverts Always Run Away From Distraction: Distraction is when someone is tracked on a wrong course of action deviating from an intending or already made action on course. Introverts take their time to learn or observe anything to have full knowledge of it. If in the course of any action taken by them, there is a form of distraction that happens then, they really frown at it or get displeased. To avoid distractions, they visit quiet and reserved places. For those that are opportune, they visit the library and enjoy every time they spend studying there. Whenever they begin a project, they always want to get to the end of it. Not only getting to the end of it that really matters to them but the success that comes with it that will leave a lasting and recommendable impression about them.


From the characteristics and traits above concerning the personality of an introvert, one can deduce or know if he or she has the traits or not.