Learn To Be Patient. Do Not Drag The Tray. 1 Powerful Lesson

Learn To Be Patient. Do Not Drag The Tray. 1 Powerful Lesson-Inemac

Learn To Be Patient. Do Not Drag The Tray. 1 Powerful Lesson

Kindly read and pick a lesson from the story

A yearly national convention was held and a man was assigned by his professional body to attend that convention. The convention had in attendance 10,000 individuals. Lunch was served on one of the days during the convention. The man observed that people who were also in attendance by his left and right-hand side were being served food. He was furious at the ladies serving and he was advised by the ladies to calm down that they have enough food to go round and he would have one.

Plates of Amala and Ewedu soup were passed before him twice. He observed angrily. He did so because he was not served. At this point, he saw another lady carrying the tray, he angrily stood up and drag the tray of Amala and Ewedu soup and took his food forcefully. He dragged the plate from the woman’s hands and all of a sudden and the entire tray filled with 6 plates of soup spilled on his head.

The white cloth which he wore got stained, dirty and spoilt. Pepper entered his eyes and he started shouting, my eyes, somebody please help, my eyes, pepper in my eyes. Everyone around him wanted to drag him out of the place as he was unable to open his eyes because of the pepper still in his eyes. It was a finished demonstration of disgrace and a prize of impatience. Learn to be patient.

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If you have been reading his story, you would observe that a lot of us resemble this man. We have a feeling that others are now in quote ‘eating’ achievement, fame, accomplishment, breakthrough, academic excellence, prominence, greatness, achievements and some of us are not served our own ‘food’ yet and we are being enticed to drag the tray to take our food by force. Learn to be patient.

Dear friends, I realize that the waiting period is not an easy one. Most times, we feel that people close to us have abandoned us. Single ladies who started together are presently married are blessed with children and here we are, still single and no one proposed yet not to talk about marriage. For a few of us, many friends of ours that we are married that year are done giving birth to children and here, there is no miscarriage, talk less of conceiving and giving birth to a child, and we want to “drag the tray”. Learn to be patient.

Sometimes, we feel many of our friends that started working together with us have deserted or left us behind as we see them flourishing in their profession. We feel the best way we can likewise see our careers flourish is to “drag the tray”.

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Dear friends, be encouraged. Learn to be patient. The one serving this ‘food’ of achievement, advancement, breakthrough, marriage in careers isn’t a man. HE is your GOD, your Maker. HE is with your plate of food in HIS tray. At the right time, HE will surely serve you and when you will eat your food, the people (those that have eaten before you will watch your mouth as you eat with gladness and joy.

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Try not to ‘drag the tray’. Try not to take an alternative route or shortcut. Learn to be patient. Getting the “miracle” by “dragging the tray” will allow you as a person to end in ridicule and would later be dragged out in shame as the “pepper” in your eyes would make the end of the “miracle” a show of shame. If you’re waiting for man, you can waste but if you wait on God, your waiting period is not a wasting period. Look out for GOD. Your ‘food’ is nearer to you than you might suspect. Wait on Him. Learn to be patient.

Learn To Be Patient. Do not drag the tray. 1 Powerful Lesson

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