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Hi Rhyno007, Love Therapist. Thanks for this Platform. For somebody to be Loved But Rejected is truly pathetic and I need your counsel and comment concerning this. I beg of you.

My name is Richard and I need everybody’s advice on this issue that has given me restless nights for a long time. I met this lady, very young, 2 years back through my friend on my birthday on May 11 who happened to be my birthday mate as well. We got talking and I asked her out some weeks after, she dismissed it since she is as of now seeing someone and would not have any desire to reject her man. This decision I respected in high regard and kept a distance from her. Months after, they went separate ways and we initiated our relationship on December 22, 2018.

She has all that I need in a woman, loving, charming, spotless, great cook, a best of all, having fear of God. She’s an exceptional gem. Regardless of the way that she has her deficiencies, who doesn’t? I can live with her shortcomings.

The issue of loved but rejection started to set in. I am Igbo and she is Yoruba. I talked with my mother concerning her and she’s not tolerating it. She swore that she won’t be alive to see her be my wife. She gave unreasonable reasons why I ought not to marry from a Yoruba faction, one of them is that I’m the first child, a male for that matter and she doesn’t want my two male younger brothers to follow my way. 

I would desire not to leave my lady for anything, she’s a perfect match, we are compactable, all around. Her family members don’t have issues with me being Igbo, they all know and welcome me as their future in-law yet my parents refuse me to marry the one I really desire and love. I did not want to be tossed around when the family head called me and alerted me against the decision of marrying my Yoruba sweetheart. He disclosed to me that if by chance I continue with my desire and moves to marry her, none of my family members including my parents won’t go to the wedding and I would not receive their consent and blessings.

I had a couple of talks with my mom with all sincerity of heart to check whether she can see reasons from my perspective. Most times, she leaves me or she tells me to keep a great distance from her. My dad isn’t making things easy too. Anything my mum says or chooses, that is where he stands. All of my courses of action to relate with my family about my dilemma yield no positive result.
I let them know with all assurance that I will never leave her paying little attention to their perspectives concerning her. Since that time, I have been getting calls from my relatives both old and young everywhere throughout the world. It has gone to a phase I don’t pick calls anymore.

I am truly in a troubled and confused state. Rhyno007, Love Therapist. I would rather not leave my future wife since she is fully complete in all endeavors and I have much love for her. My love is loved but rejected. She has no idea of what is happening behind her. My darling doesn’t know about her rejection from family members. I would not allow her to know since it will genuinely make her very upset and it will have a negative emotional influence on her. I don’t really know what to do.

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