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A healthy environment is essential for every individual. It goes alongside the healthy living. It further makes the individual in-person to be free from diseases.
Diseases are defects or unpleasant occurrences that happen in the body of an individual. It brings about a sense of disorder in anybody and the best way to go about it is to avoid it at all cost because if not avoided, it will bring detriment, discomfort or unpleasant feeling on whosoever possesses it as then.
This is where the sayings of “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” come in. The words imply that it is better to avoid something terrible or bad from happening than waiting for it to happen on the thought of whenever it happens, there is always a way out of it. From that context, what if terrible things happen and there is no way to avert or prevent such incident from taking a negative effect on our lives. The best thing here is to totally avoid negative things from happening completely.
This is where the emphasis on how to prevent diseases comes in. Below are the following steps:
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1. Medical Checkup: It is ideal most times to go for a medical checkup weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the person in question. This will enable the individual to know whenever anything negative happens through the help or assistance of a medical practitioner also professional advice and counseling will be gotten from the hospital and safety are guaranteed. This will help a lot to prevent the occurrences of any form of ailment or diseases.

2. Refrain From Sharing Sharp Object: It is advisable not to share the sharp object with someone else. Doing this might in one way or the other transmit diseases that you are unconscious of and this is not really good for your health. Avoiding this would be of great benefit to the body.

3. Staying Away From The Crowd: It is observed that there are times one can be unhealthy, that is, sick for a period of time. It is ideal to stay away from people (especially if the ailment is a contagious one) and seek medical attention for the ailment to be properly treated. This would prevent a wide spread of the disease.

4. Hand Hygiene: If you notice well, you will observe that the hands are used mostly to do a lot of things and consciously or unconsciously we use those hands to put things in our mouth or rub our hands if dirty on our body which is not good for one’s well being. For diseases not to pass through this medium to our body system, we should ensure to clean our hands thoroughly most of the time with warm water or sanitizer so that diseases would not spread through that medium.

5. Cutting Fingernails: It occasionally happens that the hands are washed, the fingernails might still be filled with dirt. Though the hands might be clean, the fingernails would still look unpleasant because of the stubborn germs in it. For this reason, there is a real need for the fingernails to be taken care of to avoid the spread of diseases. The fingernails can as well be trimmed to reduce the level at which germs or dirt is stored.

6. Food safety: It is very good to keep what we eat safely because whatever goes into the body system goes a long way to determine the health status of our body. It is ideal to store our food in a good and clean cabinet, refrigerator and decent places so that insects, pest, poisonous gas or anything not decent would not contaminate the food we eat.

7. Avoiding Risk Of Having Multiple Partner: It is advisable to desist from having many sexual partners but remain with the one being married to. This would go a long way to reduce the high risk of having sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be limited by abstaining from sex or usage of condoms (either male or female condom).

8. Eating Fruits: What we eat determines our state of health. Eating fruits is really nutritious and helpful to the body system, giving us a lot of minerals and vitamins which resist and prevent diseases from the body.

9. Clean Toilet: Visiting the toilet is a way of removing from the body toxic products but it could be visited and when the toilet is not well kept could bring toilet diseases which could be of detriment to the body. The toilet should be well kept. One should be careful to observe the body should in case there are symptoms of toilet infections and should go to a medical practitioner for better treatment to prevent diseases from the body.

10. Personal Toilet Hygiene: After visiting the toilet, decency and cleanliness are required so that one will not get stained, inviting germs. As a person, caution is required to be free from germs. This will go a long way to prevent diseases.

11. Avoid Stress: From hustles and life commitment, there is bound to be stress one way or the other. Stress, when not well handled deteriorates the body system. It might likely give way to high blood pressure which needs medical counsels from the hospital and maybe medications at times to put the body in a good condition preventing ailment to take possession of the body.

12. Inhaling Smoke: It is advisable to resist inhaling smoke either from the exhaust of the car, kitchen or any smoking environment because when it goes into the body through the nose, it gradually brings out negative effects in the body system.

13. Exercise: Activities have a way of bringing life to the body system. Because of this, exercise is really needed to energize the body and keep the body more active. Exercise makes the bones strong, agile and makes the person in question smart. It is also a way of making the mental state of a person alert and be in good form.

14. Clean Under Wears: It is noticed that some people put on underwear such as singlet, pants, etc for a longer time. When this goes on, this consciously or unconsciously brings in some germs or bacteria which will on a later date bring discomfort to the body. It further allows the person wearing it to have an unpleasant smell that chases people away from him or her knowingly or unknowingly at times with or without the knowledge of the person involved. For this and more negative effects of this not to happen, the underwear must be used once a day and another one the following day. It is good it becomes a continuous process till it gets used to one as a habit to keep. One should not repeat the same dress every day as well to desist the spread of germs to the body. Furthermore, the use of roll-on, perfumes with good fragrance would bring a good and sweet smell to the body. Coupled with that, it will attract people when properly used.

15. Mouthwash: The mouth is a passage where food uses to get to the body. After food is eaten, some particles reside or stay in the mouth. When this particle is not removed on time, it indirectly makes the mouth to have an unpleasant smell. This unpleasant smell to the mouth brings or spread diseases when a nonchalant attitude is taken towards the care of the mouth. The way to go about it is by rinsing your mouth with clean water, brushing your mouth or taking some mint or sweet after food has been eaten. There are some people who after doing a lot to take care of the mouth, do fall victim to the mouth smelling all over again which at times becomes disappointing. The solution to this is to meet medical personnel, most especially the dentist for professional counsel for the challenge of mouth odor to be solved.

16. Normal Weight: Watching of weight is very essential to everyone. The more weight some people have, the more uncomfortable it is for them. When the weight becomes unbearable, it can cause a lot of issues and some diseases would start occurring. The best thing for this is to seek medical attention for something more than the usual not to happen.

17. Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze: It is so obvious that some unpleasant things happen while we sneeze or cough. There are a lot of germs which is contagious that come from there. It is safer and more convenient to cover our mouth when this happens. After covering the mouth, the hands should be cleaned with soap and water or a handkerchief. If not, a lot of bacteria would spread across to whosoever we hold, touch or can affect us negatively as regards our health whenever we hold ourselves with such hands. Mistakenly, some people cough or sneeze out and the spill of it touch people around. To avoid such from happening, the person in question must try as much as possible to desist from coughing or sneezing anyhow to avoid the spread of diseases. When the spill of cough and sneeze touches anything surrounding us and it is not cleaned, it is a quicker way of affecting whosoever touches that particular thing in question. So care should be well taken care of to avoid such from happening to prevent the flow of diseases and avoiding it totally and completely.

18. Clean Environment: As said earlier that cleanliness is good and healthy, it is also beneficial to know that keeping the surroundings and where we live clean is good and healthy. Not only knowledge is the solution to it but doing it is a plus and an advantage to the health of everyone at large. This would control the level of mosquitoes and insects that would be living in the vicinity. The best thing to do here is to make use of insecticide to reduce the rate of flying and crawling insects so as not to spread diseases to the people living in the vicinity. The use of a mosquito net is ideal as well. Stagnant water around an environment increases the rate of mosquitoes and it should be drained regularly.

19. Bathing: It sounds disgusting to go a whole day without taking at least a bath. Some people go for days without taking a bath at all. This action alone makes the body smell and have an unpleasant odor. This allows germs to be of great magnitude which is of detriment to the health. Taking a good bath is of great benefit. It is ideal to bathe at least twice daily which is in the morning and at night before going to bed. This alone refreshes the body. It removes every blocked pore in the body. This removes anything called body odor. If the body odor persists, then consult medical personnel for better treatment.

20. Taking Care Of Infected Pet: A lot of people have a pet(s) at home and the pet(s) might be sick or have an infection. This at times brings diseases to the people living around them. To prevent the outburst of diseases from taking place, it is advisable to take care of such pet(s). Take them for vaccination and preventive measures should be taken for diseases not to spread through the pet(s). The veterinary doctors would give professional advice on what should be done.


The following above are steps or paths to follow to enable good health of individuals and go a long way to prevent diseases and educate us on how the spread of diseases can be reduced to a large extent or totally removed. Personal hygiene is necessary but whenever issues arise and are detrimental to one’s health due to diseases, avoid self-medication instead, medical practitioners should be consulted.
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