Optional Concentrations

Students are able to complete one of four available concentrations: financial engineering, impact finance, capital markets, or corporate finance. Completing a concentration is optional and is not a degree requirement. Students are only allowed to complete ONE concentration.

The Impact Finance concentration is a new addition to the MFin program. This concentration will be available starting in July, 2021. In addition to core courses in Social Impact Investing and a Fin-Lab impact-focused project, there will be an opportunity to take an elective from several course offerings. Students can supplement academic coursework with clubs, centers, and initiatives. A sampling of these activities includes:

  • Mi3 – MIT Impact Investing Initiative
  • MIT Sustainability Initiative
  • MIT Legatum Center
  • MIT Net Impact
  • MIT Energy Initiative
  • MIT Solve

The concentration requirements are in addition to the MFin degree requirements. Courses counted toward your MFin degree requirements may not be counted toward your concentration, with the exception of 15.455 and 15.457 for the financial engineering concentration and 15.453 for the impact finance concentration.


Financial Engineering

  • Required15.455: Advanced Mathematical Methods for Financial  Engineering15.457: Advanced Analytics of Finance15.456: Financial Engineering**15.470 Asset Pricing can be taken in place of 15.456: Financial Engineering.
  • Concentration Electives (choose 1)15.437: Options & Futures Markets 15.438: Fixed Income Securities & Derivatives15.447: International Capital Markets15.459: Financial Data Science & Computing II15.S08: Advanced Data Analytics & Machine Learning in Finance15.466: Functional & Strategic Finance15.467: Asset Mgmt, Lifecycle Investing & Retirement Finance15.481: Financial Market Dynamics 

Impact Finance

  • Required15.499: Social Impact Investing15.453: Fin lab- impact related project
  • Concentration Electives (choose 1)15.431: Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital15.456: Financial Engineering15.482: Healthcare Finance15.S08: Advanced Data Analytics & Machine Learning15.873: System Dynamics for Business and Policy

Capital Markets

  • Concentration Electives (choose 2)15.437: Options & Futures Markets15.438: Fixed Income Securities & Derivatives15.447: International Capital Markets15.456: Financial Engineering15.466: Functional & Strategic Finance15.467: Asset Mgmt, Lifecycle Investing & Retirement Finance15.481: Financial Market Dynamics