Finance Degree Program


The finance major concentrates on three areas:

  • Accounting: Understand what financial statements mean for people and businesses.
  • Economics: Explore the economic factors that affect individuals, companies and countries.
  • Finance: Learn about financial decision making, corporate fundraising and investment strategies.

We believe in hands-on learning and instruction with the latest tools and databases that employers expect you to use. That’s why our Finance Lab is an integral part of our program. All upper-level finance classes are lab-based courses and are taught in the Finance Lab. You’ll use cutting-edge software to find practical solutions to real problems. And we know what those problems are. That’s because we often consult with area companies to help them find solutions to their challenges. Our experiential approach and the well-equipped Finance Lab give you superior experiences for your résumé.

Thanks to small classes, you work closely with professors who encourage your research and ideas. Course projects hone your presentation, writing and technical skills. Those are skills employers demand of today’s graduates.

sugar mummy
sugar mummy

By the time you’re ready to graduate, you’ll be prepared to contribute in a meaningful way to your new company or business.

We offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. These options let you tailor your finance major to achieve your dreams.

  • Bachelor of Arts candidates take additional second language courses, enabling them to effectively communicate in the global marketplace. If international business is your goal, studying Chinese, Spanish or other languages can strengthen your career preparation.
  • Bachelor of Science candidates take extra classes in mathematics and/or laboratory sciences, such as biology and chemistry. If the financial side of the healthcare or pharmaceutical industries beckons you, a B.S. degree is a valuable foundation.


Finance majors at Wingate earn either a BS or BA degree. Students may also minor in finance.