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Hello, Rhyno 007, Love Therapist, I hope you are doing great? If you don’t mind, help me. I and my husband are both government staff with four children. He wedded me both on traditional and white wedding however he is a cheat who tells his numerous sweethearts that we are separated for 2 or 3 years.

At the point when I discovered this and about his 11 sweethearts on his telephone I choose not to give him myself since I have lostdesire for him and was likewise frightened of getting infection yet at whatever point I disclosed to him I didn’t need sex or he should make use of a condom but he would state no. 

He does not take care of us well enough. On some occasion, he decided to gives us 3,000 or 5,000 within a period of 1 or 2 weeks. When I make complaints or grumble to his mom she will label me as a terrible spouse that I have intentions of killing her son. The most irritating part is that the only sister he has is constantly cheerful at whatever point my husband and I have issues or conflicts. She would request that my husband flee from me and kids and follow her to the town where he will spend a lot of cash leaving me and my children hungry. I give gratitude toward God because I am working. If not, we would have been dead. After exhausting his cash with young ladies he will come and disclose to me that he has no cash and this has made me despise them all particularly him and his sister a lot.

For my husband’s sister which I’m talking of right now, I noticed three different gentlemen, brought drinks for her hand in marriage. As of now, nothing is working out. A year ago June, a gentleman received a wedding list when he came for introduction yet nothing has been done till now. The person has fled from her. I told my better half that it is a result of her wicked heart that all these are going on in her life. She is somebody who might be happy, smile and play with you yet behind she would kill the same person. She pretends she cherishes me and on the grounds that I know her, I do likewise.

There is a period I caught her advising my better half to give me a beating of my life whenever I come in contact with his telephone and asked him to password his telephone which he did. It would be ideal if you tell me how would I handle this issue happening to me? What should I do? Many thanks.

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