My Neighbour Is Unknowingly Sleeping With An HIV Patient, Should I Tell Him Or His Wife? - Inemac

Hi, Mr. Richard, Love Therapist. How is this entire isolation period treating you? Much gratitude goes to you for giving us trust and hope in the middle of everything. Kindly help me since I truly do not know what to do to this delicate circumstance going on in my compound.

I am a nurse who has been practicing for more than 20yrs. Presently, as of now, I am working with the heart to heart department (HIV/AIDs). There is this young couple living in my compound as tenants for 5yrs and I have gotten acquainted with them from the day they moved into the compound as couples. His wife is more like a younger sister to me. When she gave birth, I took part in her first delivery and cared for her after birth since her mom couldn’t come around then since she was sick. For her subsequent pregnancy, she disclosed to me she would proceed to live with the mother after labor. I was involved in her delivery, the second time, and she went after childbirth with her two (2) kids to stay with her mother for a while. Her husband stayed behind during that time.

It’s been two months now that she left for her mother’s place and her husband has been changing ladies like clothes steadily. Well, that is not my issue to worry about yet something is making me extremely upset and I do not know what to do. There is this specific young lady that he has been enjoying the companyof this young man and staying with him for the time being since the lockdown began and the young lady being referred to, happens to be one of my patients. (She is HIV positive). I was stunned. However, I need not interfere with someone else’s business.

The issue here is that his wife who is more like my younger sister to me will be coming after this lockdown. I’m so scared of her inheriting this scary disease if this man has already gotten it. Kindly advise me on what to do or should I simply mind my business.

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