My Nightmare Is Back, My Rapist Is My Fiance’s Elder Brother - Inemac

Hi Mr. Richard, Rhyno 007, Love Therapist, what’s going on with you? I truly need your assistance, Sir. At the point when I was in my 200 level in school, something which I would not forget in a lifetime occurred during the school’s vacation and my flatmates were away. I chose to remain back in the hostel due to the long distance and the cost of returning home.

On one fateful night, a clique of cult boys sneaked into my room and took steps to kill me since I turned down their cult leader advances. The leader of the cult advised his young men to pin me down and rape me. At the point when he was done, he vowed to kill me whenever I attempt to let the school authority know about it.

I confided in a flatmate who was not in away from the hostel and she counseled me to take steps cautiously that they were a threat and would be of great danger, so out of great fear for my life, I left the school and got back home. I was supported and consoled by my parents who took me to the emergency clinic for treatment. Following a while of living with the injury and bad dream, I applied and picked up admission into another school. It was during my third year in the new school that I met Adams at the school’s cafeteria.

He was a 300 level student studying engineering. He offered to pay for my lunch, made himself known to me and asked to see me later. We went on a couple of different dates and he asked me to be his sweetheart. After much reasoning, I concurred. Two months to our last exams of the year in school and defending of project, he proposed to me. I was happy my dreams came true because he was a goal-oriented, dedicated, cherishing and caring person I have ever met. So I acknowledged his proposal.

After graduation, Adams came to authoritatively meet my parents and let them know his aim to wed me. My parents were happy and invited him as their child by the end of next week. He took me to their family house to meet his Dad and Mum. I was so scared and excited simultaneously. However, when we showed up there, his parents greeted me wholeheartedly. Around 20 minutes after, somebody came into the parlor and I heard Adams praising him as “Elder Brother” but as soon as I saw him, I remember his face. How can I suddenly forget the exact face of the man who raped me 6 years ago? I shouted and speedily ran out of their home.

Adams, my fiance, called several times to ask about my unusual behavior however I was unable to force myself to answer him. How can I disclose to him that the person that raped me six years earlier before now was his senior brother? How will my parents respond when they discover that the very individual that put their girl in a year’s emotional trauma was in the same family they would marry their little girl too? The bad dream I thought I had defeated has caused issues down the road for me. The injury has been revived and now I’m remembering the misery of that sad day that prompted me to put overwhelming curses on the attacker and his family.

Kindly advise me on what to do because I really do love him. What can I do, please?

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